• Small Businesses To Support

    I wanted to put together a page for all of my favourite small businesses to buy from and support. If you have any other small businesses you want to share, feel free to send them to me

    Shop with me and check out my favourite small business both on Etsy and not on Etsy. Etsy is the perfect place to find small businesses but there are others that haven’t got a shop online that need your support. I love finding lots of quirky shops on the internet that need our help to survive these challenging times.


    I wanted to purchase quite a few candles, especially for autumn and Halloween. I like having them on my bookcase. I’ve wanted to support small businesses for quite a long time so I’m happy to make a purchase with quite a few on Etsy. I have purchased quite a lot of candles in different scents and they’re all so lovely. I love the soy wax as they burn so nicely and last a really long time.


    Ethical Magic Sliders – £96.25

    Eating The Goober are an amazing small business based in Athens, Greece who make ethical sliders out of used bike tubes, car tires and old cork. You buy one pair of sliders and can buy different patterned covers that you can switch out to suit the outfit you are wearing. The sliders are a little pricey but they are so worth it and will last a very long time.

    The sandals are made out of a variety of recycled materials. The base of the sandals are made out of defective recycled car tires that cannot be used in cars’ industry. The upper parts are made of old recycled motorbike inner tubes while the lining (that touches the foot) is made of cork fabric. And the insoles are anatomical and are made of cork and rubber.

    The service from Vicky and Stam was outstanding. They were both so helpful in helping me with my order and giving me tips, like using vaseline to soften the edges of the upper parts to stop it rubbing my feet.

    Floating Lotus – £23 – £69

    These are the best switch I have ever made in terms of female hygiene that’s eco friendly. The amount of money and waste we have to throw away every month in order to get through our cycle is ridiculous. We get charged tampon tax because having a period and using those products is considered a “luxury”, which is just ridiculous. With these eco friendly and washable pads, I can now reduce the waste a drastic amount and also save quite a bit of money a month.

    The pads some in various sizes to suit whatever your flow is like and are super easy to use. They have two poppers on the back to help you choose the right tightness on your pants to stop them moving around.