• The Eco Essentials Pouch You Need To Organise Your Bag

    Whether it’s your handbag, backpack or travel bag, we all need that organisation in our lives. Why not use this ethical bag organiser which is the brand new Eco Essentials Pouch from OneNine5. I was super excited when OneNine5 messaged me to announce their new product the Eco Essentials Pouch, perfect for organising anything in your bag whether it’s tech cables, makeup, travel documents and money or any medication you may have and need with you on the daily. The Eco Essentials Pouch comes with so many pockets, zips and elasticated loops to hold things in place but I will get into more detail about those later.


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    The Eco Essentials Pouch is a brand new release from OneNine5, one of my favourite eco friendly brands at the moment. It is perfect for organising your every day essentials including makeup, travel documents, tech cables and items or even your medication. This is the ethical bag organiser you need in your life, to help you organiser your little bits in your daily bags.

    It is very slim line and features lots of zipped pockets, elasticated loops and pouches inside to hold and store your different items. It has a divider down the middle and a clam shell opening so you can see everything that is inside.

    It is made from very soft and durable vegan leather outer and has a 100% recycled lining inside, a waterproof zip and water repellent inner coating to ensure your favourite items are protected from spillages.

    The Eco Essentials Pouch comes in the 4 current colours that OneNine5 have on offer for all of their products, which are:

    • • Havelock Blue – Named after the small island that forms part of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal in India. The incredible blue waters house some of the best reefs for diving in the whole of Asia.
    • • Komodo Pink – Named after the pink beach you’ll find on Komodo Island in Indonesia. The island is also native to komodo dragons.
    • • Moeraki Grey – Gets it’s name from the giant boulders at Koekohe Beach on New Zealand’s South Island. They formed approximately 60 million years ago and are a must see when you visit that island.
    • • *NEW* Miho Black – Inspired by the long strip of black volcanic sand on the Miho Peninsula in Japan. The beach is overlooked by Mount Fuji, one of the most recognisable volcanic mountains in Asia and quite possibly around the world.

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    • • The Eco Essentials Pouch featured mesh pockets, elastic loops & dividers ensure that wires and cables stay untangled, whilst cosmetics are easily accessed to stay fresh faced.
    • • A zipped pocket on the inside divider offers a place of safekeeping for valuables like keys, medication and coins.
    • • A wide clam shell opening to ensure you can see all of your items inside the pouch really easily.
    • • OneNine5 offer a one of a kind recycling scheme within the travel goods industry.
    • • All of their packaging is recyclable, biodragrabled and made from recycled materials.

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    Use this ethical bag organiser pouch however you like with it’s varying pockets, loops and zipped compartments. The possibilities are endless!

    Side Pockets – pocket mirror, earphones and earbuds,

    Elasticated Loops – lipstick, foldable metal straw, hand sanitiser, makeup brushes, concealer, chewing gum, lip balm,

    Zip in the middle divider – coins, medication, credit cards, notes,

    Either side of the divider – passport, travel documents like boarding cards, portable charger, hard drive,

    OneNine5 currently have a special offer extended from Black Friday with 20% off their Eco Essentials Pouch and 25% off their Eco-Conscious Wash Bags or you can buy their Christmas Bundle Purchase both an Eco-Conscious Wash Bag & Eco Essentials Pouch for £53.15 ; should be £74 normally. (discount is automatically applied at checkout).

    All photos are taken with a Canon EOS 60D camera and with the Canon EF 50mm lens f/1.8.


    How do you organise your bag? Will you use this ethical bag organiser in your bag? Let me know in the comments below.

    Happy travels,

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