• The Problem With Toxic Instagram Pods

    toxic instagram pods

    I have been part of quite a few Instagram pods throughout my time as a blogger. Hey I even own and run my own travel based Instagram pod but there is just something wrong with toxic Instagram pods.

    You are probably thinking what does she mean by a toxic Instagram pod? Well what I mean by this is those pods that have such strict rules they don’t become enjoyable or fun anymore and you lose that motivation to participate and share the love on others posts.


    An Instagram Pod is essentially a group message created by one user who can add anyone they like into the group message, where everyone in the group message can share their new posts and uploads and send messages to everyone in the group so they can all like and leave comments on each others posts. This all started when Instagram released the new algorithm. Instagram Pods can either be themed for example ‘beauty’ or ‘travel’ related or even be a mixture of themes and accounts grouped together.

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    • • Really strict rules
    • • Can’t post your own photo without liking and commenting on others before you
    • • 2 strikes and you get removed
    • • Fake comments that aren’t related to your post e.g. ‘Love this’ ‘So cool’
    • • Generally don’t care about you/your account

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    Toxic Instagram pods are totally not fun to be a part of. They make you question the support system that is meant to be in the pod itself. It makes you lose enthusiasm and want to be part of that pod anymore. It’s not a true support system or make you want to support anyone else in the group. Too many strict rules makes it not fun anymore or enjoyable for anyone part of it. Is this true support?

    I have been part of my fair share of pods since being a blogger and on Instagram and I have never been part of a worse pod than this one. I joined through someone I followed on Twitter and wanted to join the pod. I received my first strike not long after joining the pod due to the owner of the pod not explaining the rules to me when I joined.

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    It was over the fact I posted my direct picture and not the silly rule of posting a few words to describe your post and that was my first strike – in an instant. I explained to her why I did it and that she didn’t explain the rules when I joined.

    A couple of weeks later she then DM’d me in the pod saying I needed to catch up with everyone’s post before posting my own. That was the final straw of me wanting to be a part of such a shitty pod and I refused to post my new pictures in the group. I didn’t post for quite a while until she just recently removed me from the pod which I was thankful for as I couldn’t deal with that toxic energy anymore.

    The comments I received from the pod weren’t even anything constructive or supporting. Just the same few words posted in different ways and comments like ‘Love this’. I mean what am I meant to do with a comment like that, it doesn’t make me feel any better about my post I spent ages on or photographing.

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    Images used in this post are credit to Ivory Mix.


    Have you been part of a toxic Instagram pod or have any tips for members? Let me know in the comments below.