• How I’m Improving My Blogs Newsletter

    improving my newsletter

    I’ve been doing my blogs newsletter for a few years now and every so often it’s gone through a little change to help improve it, but I am still improving it the more I do it. This is how I’m improving my newsletter gradually.  I have recently just done an improvement to it and probably with more still to come. Take a look into how I’m improving my newsletter and what it’s been like in the past. You can see below a few changes my blogs newsletter has gone though…


    I have tried to make vast improvements to make it more sleek and more like my blog, including similar fonts and the same colours. My blog has become more travel based than what it was purely being travel topics so I have including travel sections to my new newsletter including a highlighted destination section and quick links to selected destinations for you to read and explore. I want to include posts and topics that will help you with your future travels this can include my 5 Minute Travel Guides, Photo Diaries or featured topics.


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    I would love to know what you would like to see feature in my newsletters, so feel free to let me know in the comments below or email me any suggestions – they would be really helpful. Since I’ve started typing up this blog post, my newsletter has gone through several tweaks and I’m not sure when I will stop changing it around until I’m happy with it.

    What are your thoughts on my newsletters? Let me know in the comments below.