• 5 Networking Services To Use For Working With Brands

    If you are looking for ways to connect with more brands or start to connect and working with brands, there are so many networking services out there for you to use. It took me a little while to find them but one day I was researching ways I could earn money from my website and connect with brands more, I stumbled upon them.

    My website is quite small still compared to most bloggers out there, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have the opportunity to work with brands and earn some money. We all have to start somewhere and I thought these networking platforms and services were a good place to start. I wanted to share with you my top 5 favourites that I check daily to find new blogging opportunities. It doesn’t always mean that I will get accepted to work with that brand, but it’s a good starting point in getting my name out there for the future.


    01. Get Blogged

    Their platform services are great to use if you are a micro blogger as well as a macro blogger as they have so many opportunities no matter how good or bad your DA score is or how many followers you have. My DA score is around 16 so it’s not great but it’s somewhere to start from and hopefully I can improve my score more as I learn more about SEO. Being a micro blogger is hard in such a saturated industry with so many niches and styles around.

    They also offer help with blogger outreach services which can really help your blog get noticed by brands and also your brand boosted by bloggers writing about your products and services.

    You can boost your ranking as their army of bloggers allow them to build backlinks across a wide range of quality websites.
    Can help you grow brand awareness by getting your brand mentioned within great web and social content creates a strong reputation for customers and search engines.
    Help you build your audience with the bloggers on their platform have spent years building their own audiences that you can tap into and use to grow your own audience, adding a brand new traffic source to your website.
    Increase your revenue with the right targeting and high quality backlinks you will increase traffic that is primed to deliver real sales and leads that boost revenue quickly.

    02. Bloggers Required

    Their networking service has quite a broad and full community of bloggers and brands who they help link up together. It’s currently closed to new bloggers registering but you can still subscribe and apply to assignments with brands whilst they are waiting to open new registering spots.

    They have so many blogger opportunities and brands to choose from no matter what your chosen blogging categories are and how many followers you have. They frequently update and share new opportunities in their emails and on their social media accounts so you never miss an update.

    working with brands

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    03. Fohr

    Fohr is quite a sophisticated platform to use which is very sleek and well put together. I am yet to be contacted by a brand using their service but I love that their platform also gives you overall dynamics and statistics for your blog and social medias. You can not directly get in contact with brands or connect with them, you have to wait for them to contact you. So it’s a pretty low maintenance one until you get contacted. It’s just nice to have a pretty sleek profile with all of your stats in one place.

    04. Brandbassador

    Their platform service is a great one to use if you are looking to work with brands on an ambassador level. You will receive the brands products and also your own discount code and/or referral link for you to use in posts and social media posts to promote their products whilst earning commission through your link or discount code.

    On your dashboard you will have missions update everyday to set up your account and you can then earn points from those missions once completed. These points can be used to unlock new brands to work with and better opportunities to earn you more money.

    05. The Blogger Programme

    Their platform has a great selection and choice of opportunities with brands but sadly my website and stats don’t give me those opportunities at the moment but I’m hoping once I grow it will give me more choice.

    It will only let you apply to the opportunities available depending on what your stats are and if you have enough followers. Which is a right bummer when you don’t have enough but there is an opportunity that will be perfect for you and your blog.

    Images used in this post are from Pexels and a screenshot from my Fohor profile.


    What networking platforms and services do you use when working with brands? Let me know in the comments below.

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