• 5 Things To Do In Krabi

    The second place in Thailand that we visited was Krabi. Not too far from Phuket and also an hours flight to Bangkok. It was a lot more tropical being very humid also with tropical rain storms. Which were very unexpected at this time of year. Make sure you check out all of my other posts about Thailand here filled with helpful things to do and tips to know before you travel there.


    We paid for a driver through our hotel to take us to a couple of places one day. And one of them was the Emerald Pool. Which is in the middle of a national park but it’s really pretty. Unfortunately we went on a wet day. But it will be even better when it’s really sunny and you can sunbathe around it. There was quite a few people there whilst we went. But they didn’t get in the way or it didn’t feel overcrowded.

    I would warn you around the edge is very slippy to get in and out. As it’s covered in seaweed/moss stuff. The best way to get in is to slide down from where the stepping stones are in this picture. But be careful of scraping your legs on the rocks. The best way to get out is via a rope that’s tied to a tree. That you can use to help pull yourself up out. And be careful when walking around the sides as it’s wet and slippy.


    Krabi has one of the biggest long tail boat ports. Which can take you to a number of the nearby islands from Phi Phi. It will take quite a while or to Tub, Chicken, Ko Lanta, Ko Poda. And many other smaller islands which are much shorter journeys. We visited Tub and Chicken which are very near each other and are joined by a walkway of sand but be careful with the tides as it gets very hard to access either from the other when the tides are high. On Tub island there was quite a few monkies just casually walking around and eating any left over food. Which was quite an experience to see a wild monkey up so close. You can also experience good snorkelling and the usual sunbathing and swimming in the crystal clear seas.


    If you like a good drink and some live music I would definitely recommend checking out Boogie Bar. We went there quite a few nights for a nice drink and some good live music, their cocktails are really good and they also have great deals on beers. I tried their Strawberry Daiquiri and I have to say it’s my favourite one so far as it was made with real strawberries blended. Yummy!


    I know this is cheating a bit but I couldn’t recommend my hotel Ban Sainai enough! It was so peaceful, clean and all the staff were so helpful. Both me and my Dad picked this hotel against all of the others which looked very average but this hotel had a 1 up on every other hotel in the area. It was a short shuttle bus away from the main town down a little road with some baby speed humps but catching a tuk tuk for 150TBH wasn’t a problem when we wanted to get back.

    Our hotel had a gorgeous salt water infinity pool which overlooks the cliffs, different various bungalow rooms which you can choose from whether you want a cliff view which we had which was a short walk to the pool or whether you have one which overlooks their little lake that comes with hammocks on the balcony or whether you have one with your own private hot tub.

    Breakfast is included and it’s an all you can eat buffet filled also with cooked meals from pancakes (I totally recommend their banana ones) or boiled, fried, poached or scrambled eggs etc. It is a Muslim hotel as Krabi is a predominantly Muslim area so alcohol is neither sold nor allowed in the hotel and also a Thai fruit called Durian is NOT allowed in the hotel as it smells so badly and they’d have to close the hotel for a long time to get rid of the smell.


    Unfortunately we ran out of time to go to one but every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night at 9PM there is a Muay Thai tournament that goes on with 9 fights throughout the night and a seafood buffet. For a normal ticket it’s 1,200TBH and for ring side/VIP in which you get your own sofa to watch from it’s 1,500TBH. I would totally recommend going to that if you are in Krabi, there is plenty of advertising around so you can’t miss it.

    Have you been to Krabi before? Do you want to go or plan on going?