• 6 Things To Do In Shrewsbury

    If you are planning to spend some time in Shrewsbury, these are the things to do in Shrewsbury to get the best of what it has to offer. I spent 3 days in Shrewsbury with the girls last year for our annual Christmas trip and it was lovely.

    It gets quite overlooked as a place to visit in the UK/England but it’s got so much history and is the home and birth place of Charles Darwin. It also has a great theatre scene so if going to the treatre is something you love doing, I recommend checking out that.

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    Shrewsbury Market Hall

    Shrewsbury Market Hall is perfect for all kinds of shopping on a budget. There are so many stands and cafes to eat at, you will definitely not be lost for choice. There are 4 floors to explore, the ground floor is filled with Christmas stands (especially throughout November and December), florists including English Bridge Flowers, bakers and home decor stands. The second floor is filled with barbers and cafes includig The Bird’s Nest which is awesome. The 3rd floor is filled with variety of stalls and the upper floor is for gaming, second hand book stands and crafting stands.

    You can check out the floor plan of stands in the market hall by heading to their website and clicking Floor Plan.

    Location: 4 Claremont Street, Shrewsbury SY1 1HQ

    Do you have any recommendations for Shrewsbury? Let me know in the comments below.

    BONUS: Shop Til You Drop

    The high street and shopping lanes in Shrewsbury are perfect if you love shopping. Especially around Christmas and Black Friday, you’ll be able to get lots of Christmas shopping down for yourself or loved ones. With a huge range of high street, high end and market shops around, you’ll find something for every budget. A lot of the older buildings down the shopping lanes are for more boutique shops such as luxury lingerie and stylishly quirky shoe shops.

    If you are heading to the Market Hall in Shrewsbury, make sure you check out Lynn’s stand English Bridge Flowers. Her dried flower arrangements are gorgeous! She is there Wednesday and Friday. You can call her on 07849 025 612 and head over to her Etsy page as well to place orders. Her stand is located on the canopy/ground floor and is right next to the Band of Bakers stand. Check out her Facebook and Instagram for examples of her work and to get in touch also.

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    Learn about Charles Darwins past

    Shrewsbury is the birthplace and hometown of Charles Darwin. Yes, the famous scientist who discovered evolution. Charles Darwin grew up with his father who practiced as a doctor in Shrewsbury. Young Darwin also did work experience there before travelling to Edinburgh to train to be a doctor himself, but he was only allowed to practice on women and chidren.

    You can learn lots about his past and how he grew up by signing up to several historic walking tours around Shrewsbury as they show you the places he grew up in.

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    Stiperstones Nature Reserve

    If you love getting into nature and going on hikes, I recommend checking out Stiperstones Nature Reserve. It’s a distinctive hill in the county of Shropshire, England. It is a quartzite ridge. The quartzite rock formed over 480 million years ago. It’s a great hike if you have a dog or are an avid hiker. There are some insane views from the nature reserve and are perfect if you love landscape photography or painting.

    Location: Birch Tree House, 8 Gravels Terrace, Gravels, Minsterley, Shrewsbury SY5 0JD
    Car Park: Knolls Car Park, Shrewsbury SY5 0NL

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    Go to the theatre

    If going to the theatre is something you love doing, I definitely recommend checking out Theatre Severn – Shrewsbury’s theatre for something that’s on while you’re in town.

    Location: Frankwell Quay, Frankwell, Shrewsbury SY3 8FT

    Walk around The Quarry or other public gardens

    Do you have a love for flowers and pretty gardens? The Quarry is one of Shrewsbury’s prettiest gardens and is known for it’s gorgeous flower arrangements.

    Location: The Quarry, Shrewsbury SY1 1JA

    Pop inside one of the cathedrals or churches

    Shrewsbury has some beautiful cathedrals and churches that you should pop inside of. Even if you’re not religious, they are still beautiful to admire and take in the architecture and stain glass windows.

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    What would you like to do in Shrewsbury? Let me know in the comments below.

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