• What To Do When You Get Stood Up On A Date

    stood up on a date

    This is what it’s like to be stood up on a date. I’ve been in the dating world now for a couple of years and I’ve not even been on a proper date yet. Mainly because all the guys I’ve been talking to over the years have either ghosted me or stood me up a day before the date. I thought I’d write a little post of helpful tips for those of you who have been in similar situations. It’s incredibly frustrating when you’ve met this awesome guy and they just bail on you – it makes you question if there is something wrong with you.


    It was last year before Christmas when the guy I was talking to. At the time said he was really interested in me. And really wanted to go on a date with me. Of course having anxiety that freaked me out a little. Because I just kept thinking ‘Well what if he hates me when we do meet?’ and I couldn’t stop freaking out so I told him I would love to. And would try to control my anxiety as it grew closer.

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    I then told him I was travelling to Thailand a week after Christmas. And was super busy getting ready so I didn’t have enough time to prep myself and have the date. So I told him I would try to free a day before I went away to meet up with him. Before that I was telling him I would like to wait until after my holiday that way I could tell him about it and have some good things to talk about but he kept pressuring me and getting impatient so I told him I’d made a free day to meet him.

    “Can’t talk, got a girlfriend!

    But whilst that was going on he kept telling me that I could be ‘the one’ and sending me wedding related emojis which I found kinda weird considering but then he was also telling me he was meeting up with other girls until he found ‘the one’. I mean I’m a hopeless romantic and soppy and love that kinda thing but wouldn’t do that. I agreed to meet him the weekend before we flew to Thailand and it was the day before the said date I hadn’t heard a single word from him.

    And no replies to my messages and I was getting really frustrated about it and couldn’t stop crying to my Mum about it. Still didn’t hear from him that weekend and it came Monday, I messaged him saying ‘Hey’ wanting to know WTF was going on, he simply messaged me saying ‘Can’t talk, got a girlfriend!’, literally a day after we were due to go on a date. Like WTF, I was speechless!

    Thank fuck I dodged that bullet, aye! What a complete and utter asshole!


    – Tell them how it made you feel
    – Delete them out of your life
    – Focus on something else, occupy your mind

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    Have you ever been stood up on a date before? How did you feel? What did you do?