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  • To My Future Love | 10 Things You Deserve In A Relationship

    I’m not the best at giving relationship advice having only been in one remotely serious one myself but we all deserve to be treated with respect and have someone who loves us back unconditionally. I wanted to write this blog…

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  • 4 Things I’m Fed Up Of In The Dating World

    I’ve been in the dating world for well over a year now, after being single for 4 years – 4 years too long if you ask me. I’m getting fed up of being lonely and I just want that bit…

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  • 5 Ways To Live With An Anxious Person (By An Anxious Person)

    I took a little inspiration from InTheFrow’s post 3 Ways To Live With A Workaholic (By A Workaholic). But I wanted to tweak it slightly into ways of living with someone who has anxiety. Written by someone who themselves suffers…

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  • The Joys Of Online Dating

    The absolute joys of online dating (sarcasm) and the people you come across. If you’ve ever delved into the world of online dating you probably would have come across some. If not all of these – the things we come…

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  • 3 Books Perfect For Helping You Understand The Male Mind

    If you have trouble understanding the male mind, read these books! If you are after some serious relationship advice or need help understanding the male mind and how it works. Then I definitely recommend checking out these books. I am…

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  • Anxiety vs Dating

    The ever ongoing battle of living with anxiety and trying to date. If you’ve ever had an anxiety vs dating situation, let me know. If you like me suffer from anxiety, then you will know all too well about the…

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