• 4 Things I’m Fed Up Of In The Dating World

    the dating world

    I’ve been in the dating world for well over a year now, after being single for 4 years – 4 years too long if you ask me. I’m getting fed up of being lonely and I just want that bit of affection and love. There are some things I’m really fed up of in the dating world. I have gradually learnt all about me and what I want and I now want someone to share life with. I have pretty much had the shittest dating experience honestly anyone could have.


    Meeting some of what I thought were amazing guys out there. Only to find out they are all the same and couldn’t give a shit about a girls feelings. From being stood up on dates, to being ghosted, to being told I’m not good enough. Because I’m not confident or have enough pictures of myself.


    How many times have I heard that one? It’s ridiculous how many times I’ve heard that I’m not good enough. For so many reasons from guys I’ve met through dating apps. How do you know I’m not good enough when you haven’t even met me yet? Why should that be a reason to not go on a date with someone? It’s more than looks when your dating someone. Why should not having many pictures of myself result in you not wanting to date me? It’s more about personal interests and things you like doing. Rather than if I’m a selfie whore or have an amazingly toned body. Looks don’t last guys! You’ll be old and wrinkly one day!


    There is nothing more annoying than taking the time to send a message to someone only to be completely ignored or to have a nice conversation with someone that is going well only for them to completely disappear on you without a trace or explanation as to why they left. I wrote down a few things girls think when they get ghosted in my post What It’s Really Like To Be Ghosted and it could not be more accurate. I just don’t get why guys do it! Why don’t they stand up and be a MAN and actually give someone an explanation as to why they do it!


    You come across this great guy and you really feel like things are going well, he tells you he’s really into you and is looking for a relationship. You get all excited and hope that this guy is the one, you chat for a little while and plan to go on a date, you’re all eager and nervous for this date, get all prepped and the night before you don’t hear anymore from him, the day of the date passes and you hear no more from him and think to yourself ‘what the hell has happened?

    Have I done something wrong? Has he forgotten?’ all these questions run through your head all day and you don’t hear a word from him until you give up and demand an answer then you hear from him and he comes out with all these bullshit reasons and completely lies to you saying he never wanted a relationship in the first place and all this other shit. I really hate being lied to, especially after going through a lot of emotions and being told you are great and that they want to be with you. HE LIED! WTF!


    I get it some people might not agree with it in some way in a partner but I can’t help who I am with my anxiety  – it’s a real mental illness and people do suffer with it. So if you can’t deal with someone having a lack of confidence or not having millions of selfies of themselves well you need your priorities in check!

    It’s not all about looks in this day and age, personality and beliefs are far more important. Being told I’m not confident enough and good enough which is due to my mental illness is ridiculous. I’m not going to change who I am just to please you and please don’t use that as an excuse with a girl after you’ve told them you’re into them and you wanna date them, it just makes you sound like a complete A-hole and she will never forgive you.

    What do you hate about the dating world? Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever been hurt by someone.