• watersports on lake windermere

    If you want to try something in the Lake District. Why not try a spot of watersports on Lake Windermere. The Lake District isn’t always about the hiking and walking the fells. There is so much more to The Lake District than you actually think. When I travelled up their with 59 other amazing people from all over the country. And even world we not only hiked the fells. But we also had a go at some water-sport activities as well. Which included kayaking and SUP (stand up paddle-boarding).


    I had done kayaking before but it was quite a few years ago. So I had no idea if I was still any good at it but I did really well tbh. I paired up with the lovely Lottie who I travelled with to Snowdonia back in July. And we both did really well without capsizing or messing up.

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    We had gone quite a long way around the lake. Avoiding the passenger boats that made their way across the lake whilst taking in the breath taking scenery. It was quite cold on the lake with a little bit of rain coming down. So it was essential that we wrapped up warm.

    I wore my warmest gym leggings and my long sleeve sports top over my swimming costume. And my waterproof zipped up as best as I could to keep the cold air and water out. We made our way to a little island in the middle of the lake to meet up with the other half of the group and start a fire to warm up by and eat our snacks with a hot drink and toasted marshmallows.

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    After we had warmed our bodies up and had lots of giggles and photos it was time to switch activities for the way back. My group started with kayaking and then moved onto stand up paddle boarding which was quite daunting as I had heard a lot of the groups before us had all fallen in and said how cold it was and I definitely wasn’t prepared for that kind of cold.

    So the girls I was paired with for the paddle board all agreed to not fall it – which we didn’t – so that was a relief. We all had a very good rhythm and took it in turns to count out loud so we kept in time paddling with each other and no one fell in. We had lots of giggles on the way back at everyone else who fell in and we all remained nice and dry.


    Would you fancy trying a watersport activity? Have you done stand up paddle boarding before?

    Happy travels,

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