• Overcoming Things That Once Made Me Anxious

    overcoming things anxiety

    I wanted to write a little summary post on overcoming things that once made me feel anxious. I feel so proud of myself for conquering some of my fears and kicking my anxiety in the butt! Here’s to overcoming more of my anxious fears in the future.



    I was so proud of myself when I finally had the motivation to go and I signed up for my gym membership. With a little help from my older brother I was able to kick anxiety in the butt and sign up and I now go to the gym about 3 times a week. I find it really helps with my anxiety and also to help clear my mind from any of life’s stresses as well as helping me build a healthier and happier me. I wouldn’t naturally say I was a huge gym person and I’m so clumsy when I’m nervous so sometimes I could injure myself on something and I have no idea what I’m doing aha.


    This was probably my biggest accomplishment to date and I’m super proud to say that I’ve climbed/hiked to the top of Mount Snowdon in Wales. It took us about 6 hours but it was well worth it and the scenery was insane even though we couldn’t see anything at the summit because it was so cloudy. You can read all about my hike up Mount Snowdon here!

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    It may not seem like much but when I travel on trains especially in London I always freak out that I’m going the wrong way and will end up in some random place so I was super proud of myself that I was able to travel from Maidenhead to Bristol and back when I was on my way to Wales. I have kinda mastered some basic Underground skills for when I’m in London as well when travelling on the trains there solo.


    Another one that may not seem like much but when ever I heard the phones ring at work my heart used to sink and my palms would sweat like crazy and I’d refuse to do it. I don’t know what it is that I have such a fear of when talking on the phone because the other person can’t see me. I’ve been slowly easing myself into answering the phones when I knew what to say in reply and it suddenly got a lot easier to answer the phones. (I still never answer my mobile phone though, aha!)

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    I’m not a huge fan of being part of a large group of people as I find it quite intimidating and it always freaks me out. But I was part of a large group when I hiked Snowdon and it didn’t feel too bad, mainly because I didn’t talk to everyone and we all climbed at our own paces but it still didn’t really bother me when we were all together.

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    Have you been overcoming things that once made you anxious? Let me know in the comments below.