• iceland photo diary 1

    Here is my first Iceland photo diary 1 & 2 for our first two days there! Lots more photos to come from the rest of the days I’m travelling Iceland. Make sure you check out my travel diary from my time in Iceland here.

    iceland photo diary 1 iceland photo diary 1 iceland photo diary 1

    Our first two days, we spent exploring Reykjavik and the tourist favourites closer to the city. We had breakfast in the morning of our first day in the city in Mokka Kaffi before heading to Hallgrímskirkja cathedral and some very cool and quirky shops including this awesome photography shop filled with retro film cameras and photography pieces from all around Iceland.

    On our second day, we had a hike to a natural springs as our alternative to the Blue Lagoon. It doesn’t cost anything and is great exercise before a chilled dip in the natural springs. After our relaxed dip, we stopped at a supermarket to grab some picnic snacks for lunch to eat in the car before heading to the Geysir and Gullfoss waterfall which was insane. The weather was beautiful and sunny so the spray of the waterfall caused a rainbow which stretched across the whole waterfall.

    I hope my Iceland photo diary 1 & 2 has inspired you? Have you been to Iceland before? What would you recommend to do there?

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    Iceland Photo Diary | 1 & 2

    • Daniela Sousa says:

      Cool pictures! I would love visit Iceland as well… I have a thing for historical and mythological sites, planning on visiting some? 🙂
      How’s the food?

      • Shannon says:

        Thank you! It’s been on my bucket list for ages and I’m so glad I’ve ticked it off! Having a little look at a few and have looked into the myths of trolls and elves etc 🙂 The food is good, mostly continental and suitable for vegetarians! It’s very expensive though – £23 for a pizza!

        • Daniela Sousa says:

          I love Norse mythology <3 Wow 23£ for a pizza! ahah Make sure to bring a cool souvenir ^^

          • Shannon says:

            I know, everything was so expensive there – it was almost double our prices at home! I didn’t get a chance to buy a souvenir and also they were super expensive too! xx

            • Daniela Sousa says:

              I understand! I always like to bring a small souvenir 🙂 I hope you’ll share more pictures!