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    travel diary iceland

    I really wanted to share with you guys my Travel Diary Iceland. I’ve been dreaming of visiting Iceland for several years and it has been on my bucket list and I’ve finally managed to tick it off but even only spending a week there, there is still so much to see and things we missed when we were there so I definitely need to go back. I still need to see the Northern Lights and go into a glacier cave!


    DAY ONE – 13th JUNE

    We landed in Iceland flying with EasyJet from London Luton to Keflavik International Airport at 8:38am local time in Iceland (Iceland are 1 hour ahead of the UK!) Then we headed straight to the car rental pick up after grabbing our luggage and picked up our Kia Ceed with Blue Car Rentals. Next we headed towards where our little apartment was and explored a bit of the local area before it was time to check in.

    We then were able to check into our apartment. It was really nice with a small view of the harbour and the mountains in the distance which was a nice sight to wake up to. We explored the city and walked to the main cathedral Hallgrímskirkja which was amazing and filled with so many gorgeous stain glass windows and the massive organ.

    After we had explored the cathedral we headed for a warm drink and some brunch. We stopped at a little cafe called Mokka Kaffi. Which I had a hot chocolate and a cheese, tomato and pesto panini. And then explored more of the city center. We headed back to the apartment to get ready and freshen up before having dinner in a local restaurant called Primo Ristorante which I had a veggie pizza and the total bill for 3 pizzas, 1 spag bol, 2 beers and 2 diet cokes came to £126 ahah!

    (I warn you it’s expensive to eat in Iceland but it’s like that everywhere even in the middle of nowhere and in the supermarkets unless you shop in Bonus which is a little bit cheaper) We did a little bit of food shopping in a small supermarket which was just outside our apartment for breakfast bits and some snacks.

    travel diary iceland

    DAY TWO – 14th JUNE

    The next morning we had breakfast. Headed out to start our day with a massive hike to the Reykjadalur Natural Hot Springs. Which was a cheaper option if you didn’t want to spend loads of money visiting the Blue Lagoon. We then ventured out to find the Geysir which is very active and is going off every 5-8 minutes. Including some smaller and less active geysers.

    Then we headed towards Gullfoss Waterfall which you can walk a little path to get closer. And as the water sprays and on a beautiful sunny day you get a rainbow going across the waterfall which looks beautiful.

    You get a little wet with the spray. So make sure you bring waterproofs with you before you go to visit. We headed back to the apartment and the boys went out to get dinner which was a takeaway Thai from a local Thai restaurant called Ban Thai which we ate that at the apartment after an exhausting day out.

    travel diary iceland

    DAY THREE – 15th JUNE

    IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!! Woke up and was taken out for a lovely brunch with the family. We stopped in a local bakery called Braud & Co which was pretty cool and my brother bought me a pan au chocolate for breakfast before stopping in Sandholt Artisan Bakery and Cafe for brunch whilst opening presents and cards from family and friends. Then we headed out to visit the viking boat sculpture called The Sun Voyager. Which is right on the harbour front. And not too far from Harpa Concert and Conference Hall which we also visited.

    Then we drove to Gardur which isn’t too far from Reykjavik. And explored a couple of lighthouses and also a stoney beach. We then headed back and got ready for a meal out which I chose to go to Hard Rock Cafe which was awesome, I had their Strawberry & Mint Lemonade and their Quinoa Burger which was yummy!

    We then headed for some more drinks and stopped at Kaffibarin. Which is part-owned by one of the Blur and Gorillaz singers Damon Albarn and also a bar called Bravo! and me and Dad then shared a chocolate covered waffle from a street stall. It was weird getting back at 12am and it still being remotely light. Especially compared to how it normally is at that time of night.


    Open this blog post / map on your phone and use it to navigate when you’re there to find your way around Madrid and visit my favourite hot spots…

    DAY FOUR – 16th JUNE

    After having breakfast we then headed towards Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss Waterfalls. You can walk behind and you get very wet here so make sure you bring your waterproofs again. But it’s a beautiful sight and there are lots of smaller waterfalls near it. As the glaciers are melting due to global warming.

    They are creating smaller waterfalls where the water can find somewhere to escape and it’s creating lots of smaller waterfalls. The drive around the ring roads is beautiful as there is barely any houses. Maybe a few farm houses but it’s just you and the mountains. And it’s especially beautiful if the sun is shining and the clouds are hovering around the mountain peaks.

    Next we stopped at Myrdalsjokull which is a beautiful glacier. It is slowly receding by 500m each year due to global warming. We carried on driving for a little more until we got to the Black Beach near Reynisdrangar. We also saw another glacier tongue which is Solheimajokull and it extends from Myrdalsjokull. Then we headed to our next place to stay which was a pretty basic hostel in Höfn. And then had dinner which was pretty bad to be honest.

    It was oriental night buffet which was 3,300 krona each. It was a massive rip off for 3 choices of dishes. None of them were veggie friendly so I had the noodles and had to pick the chicken out. Then I had some veg spring rolls and rice to fill me up. And had lots of water before heading back to sleep after. It had been raining all day so we were very wet and uncomfortable.

    travel diary iceland

    DAY FIVE – 17th JUNE

    We had breakfast in the hostel which was a choice of cereal and cooked food so I stocked up on cereal and made a cheese and cucumber toastie from the bread I’d toasted and lots of apple juice. We then headed to find ore glaciers and also the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon which was definitely my highlight from the whole trip. It was just breathtaking and the closest I’d probably ever get to a glacier unless I go to the Antarctic!

    The shades of blue and white in the glaciers was amazing. It just didn’t feel real. It was very cold there so I’m glad I had my furry Sorel boots and my Roxy ski jacket which literally saved me. Then we stopped at another glacier called Svinafellsjokull which was massive. Even 2 people from Germany went missing/lost their lives there.

    We then drove to the DC-3 Plane Crash Wreckage which was quite a hike to get to since the landowner had stopped people driving on it so you now have to walk quite a way to get to it but it’s still a pretty awesome and creepy thing to see. We then drove back towards Keflavik in our final stay of the trip in a lovely ladies home stay who had the most gorgeous husky dog which I adored before flying back early the next morning.

    I am definitely planning on coming back to Iceland soon to visit more of the island and finally see the Northern Lights.


    What would you like or recommend to do in Iceland if you’ve been? Did my travel diary for Iceland inspire you?