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    It’s been a little while since I visited Belgium but I still want to write up travel guides for you and this one is all about the Port of Antwerp and what you can do there. Antwerp was our third city in the 4 days we spent exploring Belgium and it was probably one of the most happening cities out of the 4. There was so much to do, no matter what you are into and how old you are. There is a lot of shopping, restaurants, historical buildings, art exhibitions and Antwerp Zoo which is great for younger kids.


    I would describe the Port of Antwerp building as a big fish with reflective scales so you can’t really miss it. It is right next to the Port which is where all of the ships from around the world come in with food and other things that supply Belgium. You can book a tour and visit the Port of Antwerp building but we were running out of time to do this, instead we admired the building and took lots of photos as well as exploring the area around us.

    It’s such an interesting building that is so fun to photograph as you can get really creative and take photos using lots of different angles.

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    port of antwerp

    It’s very easy to find the Port of Antwerp if you come from Antwerpen Centraal Station. Just follow my travel map and you’ll easily find your way. I have even bookmarked some cool hidden spots for you to check out on your way, including the Vlaeykensgang alleyways.

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    It was really hot when we visited Belgium so it was absolutely beautiful exploring the city in the sun, we needed lots of water with us. The best ways to get around the city is by walking, hiring a bike or catching the tram. Amy and I opted to walk as it was a great way to save money but also the weather was gorgeous so we enjoyed the sun whilst exploring.

    You can also catch the tram which rides above and under the ground. People from Antwerp love to take the subway or metro, as it is fast and always close-by. There are 12 tramlines to choose from and you can check out this map below to help you find your way around Antwerp on the tram.

    All the trams in Antwerp are from the company ‘De Lijn’. You will see their yellow – grey -white logo everywhere.The trams will bring you faster from A to B, and if you carry luggage, this is the best deal.

    If you’re planning to use the tram a couple of times, than I recommend you get the Antwerp City Card, as you can then travel as much as you want, without the hassle of getting tickets. With this card, all transporation with trams and buses is included. So, you literally just jump on and off, totally carefree! You can find out more about their city card on their website including discounts you can get, entry into museums and churches and where you can purchase one.

    For 1 day = €27
    For 2 days = €35
    For 3 days = €40

    1) Free public transport (including trams, buses and metro)
    2) You will get free entrance to 17 museums!
    3) You will get free entrance to 4 monumental churches!
    4) When there is a temporary exhibition in a museum or church, no extra charge.
    5) Special offers on many attractions, souvenir shops and local sweet shops!
    6) You will also get discount vouchers for several shops and attractions spread throughout the city.
    7) And, you’ll get a free guide with lots of practical information plus a city map on top of that.

    It’s ideal if you are spending longer in Antwerp, we only had one day there so it wasn’t really cost effective for us to use it as we wouldn’t have used all of it’s perks.

    You can also hire a bike or electric scooter, if you fancy a little bit of exercise whilst you get around.

    You can read more about visiting the Port of Antwerp here.

    Use this map to help you navigate your way around Antwerp and find your way to the Port Of Antwerp. Hit the star to save it for future use which you can use on your phone when you are there. You can also hit the sidebar and navigate easier for a specific place and also read my other blog posts on Antwerp.

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    If you love quirky graffiti there was definitely plenty of that around Antwerp, especially near the Port. I took these pictures of two murals near the Port in an industrial part of the area.


    • St Anna’s Tunnel – Rare wooden escalators lead deep down into an otherwise staggeringly monotonous tiled tunnel.
    Het Bootje (The Little Boat) – The patron of this extravagant Art Nouveau confection insisted that nothing less than a boat should project from its facade.
    • Antwerp Ruien – An open-air sewer system that was covered piece by piece over 300 years.
    • Cafe Beveren – This small corner bar is home to a rare 1930s dance organ that still plays tunes for only €1.
    • Nello and Patrasche – This statue is dedicated to the story of a young Flemish orphan boy who aspires to be a painter and his dog which is relatively obscure in Belgium, but a cult sensation in Japan which was eventually turned into an anime in the 1970s.
    • Kulminator – To enter this cluttered yet cozy sanctum of Belgian brews, ring the bell and tell the gatekeepers you’ve come “to taste beer”.
    • Brabo Fountain – A statue of a man throwing a severed hand towers over Antwerp’s main square.
    • Plantin-Moretus Museum of Printing – Most prolific publishing house in the 1600s open to the public.


    Have you visited Antwerp before? If you have, let me know your favourite bit in the comments below.

    Happy travels,

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