• 7 Reasons Why I Love Iceland

    reasons why i love iceland

    I am still reeling from my breathtaking trip to Iceland and I just can’t seem to get enough of it. So much so I’m contemplating whether I should move out there and live there for a bit! You can only dream right aha! I really wanted to write about all the things I love about Iceland like I did with my Why Thailand Is My Favourite Place On Earth post, so I wanted to write out the  key factors as to why I have fallen in love with Iceland so much. Here are my 7 reasons why I love Iceland so much.

    reasons why i love iceland


    I think anyone who has been to Iceland agrees with me that the landscape and scenery is unlike any other. It’s so surreal to see the amazing landscape in the flesh. On either side of the Ring Road around the south of the island. Is filled with fields, rolling mountains, waterfalls, glaciers and more as far as the eye can see. You won’t want to put your camera away!

    reasons why i love iceland


    Most people don’t know this but the majority of Icelanders believe in elves, trolls, fairies and other mythical creatures. And even have museums and shrines dedicated to them.  If you love Christmas you won’t want to leave this country without visiting all of their Christmas decoration shops. And picking up all of their ornaments and decorations – all of them are handmade in Iceland by small local businesses.


    I’m joking with the pictures, these aren’t really Icelandic people. They are norse mythological people/creatures/trolls that people walk around in around the city. However the Icelandic people we did meet were very friendly and helpful and are genuinely in love and proud of their country.


    Iceland is filled with so many amazing natural wonders and wildlife you wouldn’t know where to start. From glaciers, volcanoes to waterfalls and geysers and from wild horses, sheep to puffins and whales.


    I just love the look of cute Icelandic and Scandinavian styled houses, they look so simple but also so cute and quirky – especially these coloured houses in Reykjavik. Down every street and road in Reykjavik there are so many cute houses painted different colours so they all stand out and can be seen from the cathedral view point. The simplistic shapes of the buildings and houses are really appealing.


    We ventured up quite a few roads and streets in Reykjavik to explore the city and we came across quite a lot of quirky shops, especially this photography shop called Fotografi (location: Skolavoerdustigur road). This shop is filled with so  many photographers work in which you can buy and all of the walls are covered in hundreds of vintage cameras from polaroids to film to even digital cameras.


    I see a lot of street art around my country but none of it has any taste it’s all gangster words and slang and nothing actually relatively creative but all of the street art on buildings around Iceland and especially Reykjavik is really creative and is actually appealing to the eye.

    What makes you want to visit Iceland? What do you love about Iceland? Let me know in the comments below.