• Why Thailand Is My Favourite Place

    why thailand is my

    Since travelling to Thailand I have heard so many people say they are going there on their own holiday and it doesn’t surprise me as to why. It’s such an amazing country and you have to travel there once in your lifetime if not more! The weather, the people, the food, the culture – everything about Thailand is amazing! There is not anything I hate about Thailand and I can’t wait to go back there in the future and explore a lot more of their beautiful country. It’s quite hard to put into words why I love Thailand so much as I’ll literally be here forever but I wanted to summarise why I love the country.


    No matter who you meet in Thailand all of the people are so grateful for everything and are always so happy and willing to help you out. The taxi and tuk tuk drivers never get road rage even with the hoards of traffic and other vehicles on the roads. Shop owners and restaurant staff are always grateful for your custom and hotel staff are always willing to help you get the most out of your visit.


    No matter what food you love eating whether it be shark, vegetarian, pizza, burgers, fish and chips you are bound to find something you love there. They love catering for all the continental foods as well as local dishes and delicacies.


    The Buddhist culture is so peaceful and does not wish harm on anyone. They have such a peaceful and thankful way of life which I love. They are always offering their help to anyone that needs it and their religious places of worship are so colourful and beautiful and always well taken care of.


    The weather is just constantly beautiful during the summer and even when it’s monsoon raining it’s still beautiful and warm, even when it’s blistering hot. The beaches and tropical places of Thailand are just breathtaking and so photogenic, it’s like living in paradise.

    Have you been to Thailand before? What do you love about it?