• Paradise In Phuket | Part Two

    The second part of my adventure in paradise in Phuket. We had to get up super early (5am) to get ready for being picked up at 6am. Our trip was with Simba Tours who took us around James Bond Island. Our group was 11 people who all spoke English from England, America, Canada and Russia. We had 3 crew on our mini speedboat and gave us drinks and snacks before setting out. Our first stop was a small island which had been affected by the Tsunami. We then went into small caves and could hear the monkeys on the island.



    We then stopped at Hong Island were we got into kayaks of two people and the guy paddling the boat. They took us through caves and showed us all the small islands. Afterwards stopped at James Bond Island were we could walk around. We could also take photos, go to the toilet and get some souvenirs. Then we moved onto a small floating village which is famous for it’s floating football pitch. It’s an entirely Muslim village with a mosque in the cliffs. The village has been funded by the government because of 2 families from Indonesia. They had moved and set up a village there. It completely survived the Tsunami!

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    We then had a buffet dinner there which was all paid for by our tour company. The food was really yummy! We then got back onto the boat before stopping at Ao Phang Nga National Park and spent the day on their beach, were our tour group could get cold drinks and fresh fruit to re-fresh and snack on. Before heading back to the mainland and back to our hotel. We got back to our hotel, showered and freshened up before having dinner at Mamma Mia’s again.


    The next day we had breakfast at the hotel and chilled by the pool all day. After we had got ready we then headed out to dinner at Driftwood (which I wouldn’t recommend). It was very basic and grimy and I actually got food poisoning from their seafood noodles. There were cats all over the place actually trying to eat your dinner. This probably didn’t help with me getting ill. We then had pudding in the Coconut Bar which I had a ice cream milkshake.

    The day after, I woke up really early in the morning and wasn’t feeling great. I then spent the rest of the day either in bed or in the bathroom being very sick and throwing up anything that would come out. (Sorry TMI I know) I missed out on going out to dinner with the family and instead ordered room service of plain rice and plain grilled chicken. I tried watching TV and going on my iPad but everything just kept making me sick. Towards the end of the day it started to ease but I still felt queasy and I tried to get as much sleep as I could.


    The next day I woke up feeling a lot better and tried to have a light breakfast. We decided to spend our last full day in Phuket at Kata Beach which was only a short taxi drive away from us. It was blistering hot and me and mum decided to get out of the sun and do a little bit of shopping. It was so hot I got completely burnt on my shoulders and arms even after wearing factor 50 and staying in the shade and covering up as much as possible.

    We had drinks in the Ska Bar which was reggae themed to cool down as it was boiling hot. Afterwards we met an English couple on the beach who we had a chat with and they recommend a restaurant to us which we had dinner in, whilst a massive thunder and lighting storm went on with torrential rain. It rained so much we got absolutely soaked. We had to catch a disco tuk tuk back to the hotel, god knows what our hotel staff thought, ahaha!


    The next day, we packed our suitcases and spent the morning by the pool before heading to the airport to catch our domestic flight back to Bangkok for the evening and resting in a hotel. We had dinner in a local Thai cafe which for us 4 to eat and drink cost less than £1 per dish! We then got lots of sleep before flying out back home the next day.

    The flight home was getting on for 13 hours as we had the wind hitting us from the front so it slowed us down. We also had Billy from DIY SOS on our flight and some annoying girls behind us who kept asking the air hostesses if they had any ice cream or cookies as an option for our meals.