• Things To Do In Bangkok

    things to do bangkok

    It’s a little late compared to my other Things To Do In Thailand posts. But I wanted to put together my favourite things to do in Bangkok post. As I’ve now been there twice and wanted to gather everything together from my first trip there as well. I had to scroll through all of my photos and flick through my travel diaries. To remind myself what I did and my stand out highlights of the trip to Bangkok were. I did write a post called 24 Hours In…Bangkok. Which was in collaboration with Accor Hotels. In which I did talk about a few of my highlights. But since my second trip at the beginning of this year. I wanted to add a few more in and summaries it a little more.

    things to do bangkok


    I know you’ve probably seen this photo to death when I talk about Thailand and especially The Grand Palace in Bangkok but it’s so beautiful and this is the best photo that shows how beautiful it is with the mosaic and gold architecture. The gold leave on the temple reflects the sun beautifully and makes it shine so it can be seen from miles across the city. The colourful mosaic is hand placed and cut and the colourful demon protectors protect each shrine and temple within the grounds. This is the perfect place for photography lovers as you would not want to put your camera away.


    Also known as the Summer Palace is the second home for the royal family. We hired a driver to take us on a trip around Bangkok in which he took us to several temples, a street market and a temple ruins which we really wanted to see. After a while we got bored of seeing so many temples but this one was too beautiful not to see. Whilst we visited there was a visit from a royal family member and there was guards doing a patrol march around the gardens which was really interesting to see. There was so many different buildings within the grounds including a pretty pink house which I would have loved to be mine and a tower which looks like a helter skelter.


    This was the temple ruins that we really wanted to go to. My Dad had been researching about this temple ruins and got us to go. These ruins have been around since 2508 B.E when the Buddha image was restored. This temple ruins holds so many old and falling apart Buddhas and Pagodas which are draped in gorgeous gold sheets and once you reach the top of the main Pagoda you can even drop coins down the lucky well or for stunning views of Ayutthaya.


    This festival runs from the 25th – 29th of January each year were lots of local business’ come together from all over Thailand to sell and showcase the different traditions from their local area. This ranges from food, clothes, home decor, music and even health where there is pop up massage and aromatherapy tents. There was also band performances from the local schools and dances from girls dressed up in gorgeous clothes.

    Have you been to Bangkok before? Would you like to go?