• The Foundation Matrix Review

    the foundation matrix review
    the foundation matrix review

    Need help finding your foundation shade, look no further! Need help choosing your foundation shade? Why not check out my The Foundation Matrix review which details what this tool can do. The Foundation Matrix is a new gadget that I’ve found online which helps you find out what shades of foundation, concealer etc you will be based on an existing foundation you use or if you’re starting from scratch for different brands and types of products. Check out my other beauty posts which are now live on the blog.

    It has become such a life saver with me when I’m wanting to buy a new foundation from another brand. After receiving a colour match with Benefit, I now use my Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow shade as my guide for buying a new foundation and learning that I’m pink undertones when it comes to foundations . Due to the redness in my skin and that helps cancel the majority of it out. Also on the website you can find dupes for high end products, swatches of colours, reviews etc for other products not just foundations.

    By clicking on Use My Existing Foundation it takes you to a page where to choose the brand of foundation you use at the moment or have used previously in the correct colour. You can select from the pre-listed brands as they are the most popular or you can type the brand you use into the search box above until the brand you use comes up.



    the foundation matrix review

    After selecting the brand of foundation you use, you then choose the type. I selected Benefit as my brand and the type I use is their Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation so I selected that and carried on to the next page.


    After that, you then select the shade from the options or type it in to see if it’s available. My shade Ivory Believe In Me isn’t in the options but the Ivory I’m Pure 4 Sure shade is the closest available for my skin, so I selected that.



    After selecting the shade, it takes you to a whole list of colours similar or close to your chosen brand, type and shade. You can then narrow down your search by selecting from Type of Product whether it’s liquid, powder, BB cream, tinted moisturiser etc. The Brand; selecting from a wide range of brands in the A – Z list. Type of Coverage; whether you like it light, medium, full, sheer. Type of Finish; matte, semi matte, cream, jelly. And the Price Range; whether it’s under $40 or above.

    Most of the time I ignore those options and just go with the brand and coverage option and then experiment on my skin with the testers to see if it will work for me. It then gives you other peoples ratings on whether they thought the options were close to their shade and what they thought about the finish, product etc to help you when buying a new foundation.

    It’s a fairly simple widget to use but if you have any trouble using it you can always ask someone on the website or if someone has used it themselves for help. Sometimes the searches aren’t always accurate as the colour will look different on the computer screen compared to on the skin, so be wary.



    I hope this application helps and makes it a little easier to find your foundation shades with different brands. I know it’s definitely helped me.  

    Have you heard of this or used it before?