• Moving On From Acrylics To SNS Manicure | Improving My Nail Quality

    moving on from acrylics

    You may know now that for quite a few years I have had acrylic nails since September 2014.  It’s now time I start moving on from acrylics. It started when I had my nails done for my god-sisters wedding. I have had them ever since. I decided to make the change and move onto SNS nails which are a lot stronger and full of vitamins. They also help your nails breath so they are a lot healthier.


    My nails are natural strong and would never break when they weren’t acrylics so they survived perfectly under the acrylics over those few years. I was worried wouldn’t be the case but they were perfectly fine and still looked naturally healthy. They have also grown to a really nice length that I can now keep with SNS. When my nails were natural I always used to bite them really short out of being nervous and I could never be able to grow them nice and long, so this is now a bonus.

    The whole SNS infill process takes about 45 minutes from removing the old powder to adding the new powder. There are a few different steps to removing and adding the powder.

    • • Soak off the old powder using foil, cotton balls and nail polish remover
    • • Remove foils and remainder of cotton balls with tissue
    • • File off old colour which has been softened
    • • File cuticles and any roughness from nails
    • • File nails to prefered length and buff nails down
    • • Apply base powder and dust off any excess
    • • Then apply first layer of chosen coloured powder and apply sealant
    • • Apply second layer of chosen coloured powder and apply sealant for a stronger look
    • • File colour on nails down to smoothen them out
    • • Buff nails again
    • • Apply final sealant before washing hands
    • • Apply final top coat for a shiny finish

    Helps your nails breath and keeps them stronger

    SNS is a fine powder which is applied, layered and sealed onto the nails to create a hard coloured coating which lasts well up to 3 weeks and can be infilled once outgrown and the wearer wants the colour changing. I will no longer post my nail updates on my blog but will always update you on different nail looks over on my Instagram.

    SNS does cost a little more than what my acrylics used to cost but I definitely feel like it’s worth it if it’s a lot healthier for my nails and lasts so much longer than regular polish which I had on top of my acrylic nails. I have my nails done at Tree Nail Spa in Marlow, Buckinghamshire but there are loads of different nail bars across the country which offer SNS powder and many other treatments.

    What do you have done to your nails? Would you ever try SNS powder?