• How To Feel Good In Your Own Body

    I have to admit I go through phases where I feel shit about my body quite often but there are a few things I do to help try and combat that and find ways of making myself feel good such as wearing cute matching underwear or clothes I feel comfortable in. This post isn’t sponsored or anything but I wanted to write a few helpful tips on self confidence even though I won’t take my own advice either.

    But I wanted to write about Rosie’s lingerie range with Marks & Spencer’s because her line is filled with gorgeous underwear that help me feel good when I wear them on a daily basis. Rosie’s line with M&S is perfect for everyday but also for when you need that bit of sexiness, the silk and lace features in her range quite a lot which looks really flattering on any body type and adds that femininity to any underwear or pyjama set.


    I know they always say ‘Wear what you feel comfortable in’ like all the time but it’s actually true. You don’t want to be walking around in something that you are not comfortable in just because it’s the latest fashion, screw that! Only wear what you feel looks good on you and what you feel your best in. I’m not the best fashionista but I do love wearing clothes that compliment my body type and height and ones I feel good in. It is rather hard to find clothes that suit a 5’9 girl with size 8 feet so whenever I find clothes that suit me and I feel good in I usually wear them to death, ahah!


    The best bit starts from within and also underneath, I know wearing cute and matching underwear sets helps me feel that little bit more confident even though I still hate the way my body looks.

    feel good your body

    You may not have the size 6 supermodel body and looks that you want but at least you are healthy and you are alive. Never take that for granted!

    I know I’m not the sexiest or skinniest you’ve ever seen nor do I have amazing boobs or a nice cleavage but this underwear by Rosie and her pyjamas help give me that extra bit of confidence and I feel comfortable in them!

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    I know this is one of the hardest things for me to do but I never accept compliments that I receive from friends, family and people close to me. It’s a new years resolution and part of my #YearOfYou project to start accepting more compliments even though I don’t agree with them.


    This probably won’t help most people but sometimes I find when I listen to the right song it just helps me feel that extra bit confident especially if it’s someone like Ariana or Rita Ora who just release their inner goddess on you.


    Again another new addition to my #YearOfYou project is to write down things I’m grateful for daily, which I write in my daily diary and also my memory planner journal which I update daily with new bits. It’s quite hard when you feel like crap with anxiety and lack of self esteem to find things you are grateful for as I feel like I take things for grated but I’m turning that around. You may not have the size 6 supermodel body and looks that you want but at least you are healthy and you are alive. Never take that for granted!



    What do you do to help yourself feel good? Does cute underwear sets help you too?