• Becoming A 100% Cruelty Free Beauty Blogger

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    becoming cruelty free blogger

    I am so becoming a 100% cruelty free beauty blogger and here are my reasons why! I have seen quite a lot of things these past few weeks. And they have seriously made me consider becoming a cruelty free blogger. With the Harambe shooting in America and the Killer Whale named Orca in Tenerife trying to commit suicide in Loro Parque.

    I am seriously against animal cruelty now and animals need to be protected. I actively follow the PETA Facebook page and also the Ian Somerhalder Foundation Facebook page and wish more people would know what happens to our animals that are being tested on and used for scientific experiments.

    I know that about half my beauty collection is cruelty free and the other half isn’t. Which is annoying to know that most of my favourite beauty brands aren’t actually cruelty free. And they’re tested on animals which makes me sad that most of the popular brands still test on animals.


    I have done a lot of research into that and I’m shocked with how many brands still test on animals. Even though most of the products I still love using and don’t want to through away for this reason. I still don’t condone what they do to the animals they test on. But I’m considering picking up and using more cruelty free brands and products.

    This diagram here shows the best cruelty free brands from 2015. Including makeup, nails, hair, perfume, bath and body and also beauty tools. It is crazy to think how many of the big beauty brands still test and allow testing on animals. I am shocked and disgusted.

    I am also horrified that some brands advertise on their websites that they don’t test. But they actually do just so they can still get their sales. The diagram below shows a mixture of high end, drug store, natural and green. Also independent brands you should try that are all cruelty free or vegan/vegetarian.

    I cleared out my makeup and skincare and I am so shocked with how much makeup I cleared out that’s not cruelty free and all the big brands I have to get rid off. My makeup collection was a reasonable size but it’s now non existent and I am now having to start all over again. I am slowly trying to use up the products that aren’t cruelty free before I start my collection again with purely cruelty free brands.


    In the photo above are quite a few of my favourite beauty products from 100% cruelty free brands – some of which you probably didn’t know were actually cruelty free. Unfortunately lots of my favourite brands such as Rimmel, Benefit, Clinique, Maybelline and L’Oreal all test on animals so I am trying to find alternatives to replace them with. To find out which brands I’ve blogged about are Cruelty Free, be sure to check out my Brand Archive where all cruelty free brands are marked with a


    If you want any fellow cruelty free beauty bloggers to follow I would recommend: Fox and Feather, Cruelty Free Kitty and lots of others. If you have any other favourite cruelty free bloggers to recommend – leave them in the comments below, I would love to check them out.

    Would you like to see me blog about this more? Feel free to let me know in the comments below. I will still add the element of ‘budget’ into this as well to still keep in with my targeted audience. I am also planning on spreading more awareness around animal cruelty as it’s something that I stand for and believe that animals shouldn’t be tested on with products we humans are using.


    Are you using cruelty free products? Which are your favourite brands to use? Who’s your favourite cruelty free beauty blogger?