• Beauty Products To Use As Recommended By Think Dirty

    Now reading the title of this post, you might wonder what I’m talking about?! Think Dirty is an amazing app which tells you what ingredients are in your beauty products and how bad they are for your health. It also tells you what those ingredients can do to you health wise.

    I was checking out my beauty products I currently use that I have stored inside the app late one night and was looking at their ratings. I was still shocked at brands I thought used natural ingredients and how bad their ratings are. I was inspired to create a post sharing with you brands you should use as recommended by the app and their low ratings on certain brands.

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    You can scan the barcode on your products or products packaging or you can manually add the information if it isn’t already in the Think Dirty records.

    Below are some screenshots of some of the products in my profile that I’ve scanned and use regularly and their ratings according to the scientists behind the Think Dirty app.

    You can download this app for FREE via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

    I think any product rated 6 or higher especially in the red section should be avoided for all health reasons. It’s amazing to think that a brand that uses natural ingredients like Liz Earle, their products can have a very high rating to due things like fragrance and talc going into their products.

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    Tropic Cosmetics and Skincare is a well known brand in the UK and is known for it’s natural ingredients and cruelty free & vegan products. It’s a great addition to add to your beauty vanity as they have a wide range of products to pick from.

    The company was created by Susan Ma who appeared on the 2010 series of The Apprentice. Lord Sugar fired her because she believed her company could create a £10 million turn over and he didn’t believe her. But she proved him wrong!

    Susan’s story started back in 2004, when she was aged just 15. She had created her first ever product the Body Smooth Polish in her kitchen at home. Then she began selling it on Greenwich Market in London. And now to this day her company has been awarded 34 prestigious awards.

    Fudge Plumping Lip Conditioner Balm
    Mineral Powder Foundation
    Make It Matte Setting Powder
    Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier
    Kiss Me Quick Lipstick
    Lip Glaze

    100% Pure

    100% Pure are a great brand for using you guessed it, 100% pure ingredients and having natural based products. I have heard of them quite a bit but haven’t purchased from them yet but I have made it my goal to add their products to my vanity and makeup bag.

    Fruit Pigmented 2nd Skin Concealer
    Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick
    Vitamic C Serum
    Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream
    Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Eyeshadow Palette

    Honestly pHresh

    This is a new brand I’m looking to try out. I love my Rituals and Salt Of The Earth deodorants but they aren’t eco friendly so I’m hoping Honestly pHresh have some great alternatives. They have so many scents and types of deodorants to choose from which is great.

    Natural Deodorant
    Roll On Deodorant


    Pacifica’s mission is complete when they have delivered the best performing products, using the safest ingredients, in recyclable packaging and components to the largest possible audience of beauty consumers.

    All Pacifica’s products are gluten-free, 100% vegan, and animal cruelty free. Pacifica thrives to protect the planet, the animals and it’s consumers by creating vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, no toxins, clean beauty and recycleable packaging which can be used again and again.

    7 Free Nail Lacquer
    Blood Orange Spray Perfume
    Hawaiian Guava Spray Perfume
    Colour Quench Lip Tint

    The difference in ingredients of a badly rated and moderately rated product.

    Always remember, the harder it is to pronouce an ingredient or you don’t recognise the word – you probably shouldn’t be using a product with that ingredient in! Natural ingredients are best!

    Rejuva Minerals

    Founded and created by Brenda Hyre. Rejuva Minerals offers a natural and safer alternative that has celebrities, skin aestheticians, makeup artists, and allergy sufferers from around the world raving. Finally, you can ditch the overdone, caked-on look from beauty products with artificial and irritating ingredients.

    Achieve an all over radiant glow that enhances your natural beauty with our mineral makeup containing only naturally derived and organic ingredients. In addition, as an environmentally aware company, we package many of our products in eco-friendly containers made from regenerated materials.

    Mega Lash Thickening & Lengthening Mascara
    Pur Lash Volumising Mascara
    Acai Berry Blush
    Concealer Powder


    Tsi-La is a luxury collection of organic and natural fragrances, hand-blended with an infusion of pure all-natural ingredients, essential oils, and plant-based botanicals. Their philosophy is that fragrance should be grown, not manufactured.

    It was created by co-founder Annie Morton who thought, “There has to be a better way.” So she jumped into botanical formulation and aromatherapy studies, teaming up with holistic aromatherapist Natalie Szapowalo, and together, they founded Tsi-La Organics to give you the option of pure, natural perfumes that benefit your overall well-being.

    They are best known for creating beautiful smelling perfumes and perfume oils.

    Llang Llang Organic Eau De Parfum
    L’Absolu Vanille Eau De Parfum
    Misaki Eau De Parfum

    Honest Beauty

    Honest Beauty is founded and created by Jessica Alba, one of the most beautiful women and actresses in the world. Jessica created her company to help people find products that work and are also good for people to use without them searching high and low everywhere. Her company is a wellness

    Eyeshadow Palette Truly Magnetic in Heather Mauve
    Vitamin C Radiance Serum
    Tinted Lip Balms
    Creme Cheek Blush

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    All photos taken with a Canon EOS 60D camera and with the Canon EF 50mm lens f/1.8.


    What beauty brands are you shocked at? Let me know in the comments below.

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