• 5 Things To Do In Hvar

    Hvar was our second destination in Croatia after Split, I’ve already written up 5 Things To Do guides on Split and Dubrovnik. This is my guide to 5 Things To Do In Hvar as it’s an equally gorgeous destination in Croatia to visit. It’s a gorgeous small harbor island in Croatia halfway between Split and Dubrovnik and is reachable via a ferry from Split. The ferry takes 1hr 40mins and the island is so idyllic.

    5 Things To Do In Hvar

    Going to a nightclub really isn’t my thing plus I have never been to one. So that was quite an experience. It was quite fun with all the group to have a meal out. We then went on a bar crawl before heading to the nightclub for drinks and dancing together. If we wanted to leave when we wanted to we could. Everyone looked out for each other in a way. I stuck with my friend Amy as I didn’t want to drink lots and neither did she.  It was definitely an interesting night out with cool music and a beautiful setting on the beach.

    I haven’t been on many bar crawls as I’m not a huge drinker and only really like drinking socially. I only have a few and know when my limits are. But it was quite good fun going out with the group. It is mainly to socialise with a few drinks, dancing in the small bars and having a good laugh. We had an Australian guide who took us to each bars and he was a lovely guy. There are plenty of small bars along the harbour of Hvar. But you have plenty of choice on places to go to for a drink.

    I did this one afternoon in our group after me and a friend had to go to the doctors. It was a beautiful evening with a gorgeous sunset and the perfect temperature at that time of night. It is quite a hike up to the top so it’s perfect if you are looking for something active to do and you get a great view from the top especially with the sunset or sunrise and you can even pay to enter the Fortress if you enjoy some history.

    I have already written a blog post about our boat day in Hvar so if you’re interested, I’d definitely recommend giving it a read as it’s filled with drool worthy photos to inspire you. It is amazing to spend the day on a speed boat and travel around the islands. We travelled around the coast of Hvar, jumping into the gorgeous blue sea and cliff climbing.things to do in hvar

    Dreaming of a boat day on the gorgeous clear blue sea in Hvar, this post will make you want to do it right away

    You can either book a cruise around a few Croatian islands or sit on a bench in the harbor and watch the massive cruise ships that arrive and are docked up whilst having a bite to eat either for lunch or for dinner. One night when everyone in the group had some free time to grab dinner wherever they wanted, me and my friend Amy grabbed a sandwich from a really nice bakery on the harbour front.

    We sat down on a bench overlooking all the boats and watched people go by and checked out all the expensive cruise ships there. We also got talking to one of the boat owners who was from Germany who told us all about the different boats and how much each boat would cost based on the square foot measurements. You can imagine how much a massive cruise ship would cost!


    Are you planning on visiting Hvar anytime soon? Fancy doing any of these things?