• I wanted to round up my favourite WordPress plugins that I believe every blogger should install if they use WordPress. I am no blogging expert but I feel like these plugins make my blogging life a whole lot easier at not only gathering stats and data but also protecting my blog from those pesky spam comments. If you have any favourite plugins, please let me know of them in the comments below.

    My brother recommended me to install this plugin as I kept receiving loads of random and very annoying spam comments from all over the place and this helps track and block spam comments from being made. It also helps you track your blog statistics showing you a graph on your Dashboard of how many have commented, how many views and page reads you’ve had, how many clicks have been made on links you’ve published or referral clicks onto your blog from other sites etc.

    Akismet is perfect for blocking unwanted spam on your blog, it even works whilst you are not working on your blog and alerts you in your dashboard whether anything has been stopped or caught.

    A new plugin which I’ve just downloaded which is great for creating any form of contact widget.

    Use Any Font
    Use Any Font is perfect if you love using more than one font in your blog posts. It comes with a variety of different fonts installed into the plugin so you can use whichever one you chose from Times New Roman, Verdana, Georgia and many more. I mainly use Times New Roman and Verdana in my blog posts as they are my two favourite fonts.

    Blogger Importer
    If you like me have moved your blog from Blogger to WordPress, I would highly recommend installing this plugin as it helps transport all your posts, pictures and comments from Blogger without losing anything along the way.

    Regenerate Thumbnails
    This plugin helps you regenerate your thumbnails or blog photos after being changed in size.This is very handy if you’ve changed any of your thumbnail dimensions (via Settings -> Media) after previously uploading images or have changed to a theme with different featured post image dimensions.

    What are your favourite WordPress plugins?

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