Have you ever been ghosted? Do you know what being ghosted means? A recent term used in relationships and dating that sometimes leaves people confused and puzzled. Do you know what it means? Has it happened to you? What really goes through your head when it happens to you? Find out here.
    There are many different ways of defining Ghosting but most people explain it by saying… Ghosting happens when you are in the middle of a conversation with another person, usually of the opposite gender in dating terms, everything will be going perfectly fine and them BAM they just vanish and don’t respond to any of your messages anymore. They disappear with no explanation, no goodbye, no apology – nothing! The people who do the ghosting can unfriend you from all social media, delete your previous conversation and messages and completely cut you off from contacting them. The person being ghosted will be super confused as to why it’s happening to them, what have they done wrong, will they ever contact me again?
    Coming from a females point of view men ghost you when they finally want to do the chasing or if they will feel bad for leaving you they find it a much better option to that rather than to say you’re not good enough etc. Linking in with the famous Rubber Band theory from Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging, men are usually referred to by using the rubber band theory were they are all super close to you and then they pull away to get some space and then come springing back. But from a mens point of view they do it when they don’t want any form of commitment and can’t bring themselves to tell the person they are talking to, they find it much easier to just pick up and leave rather than explain their feelings. (Which doesn’t sound like a good idea especially if they’ll do it during a relationship with someone)

    GUTTED – If you’ve just started talking to this guy but just remember that being ghosted isn’t personal. You didn’t know each other well enough for it to be personal. Maybe he needs some space, maybe he’s realised he doesn’t want anything serious just yet, he’s probably busy with work and needs time for things to blow over. You may feel super gutted that you’ve just lost someone amazing from your life – but I’ll tell you this, he’s lost that something amazing by leaving you. 

    REJECTED – The rejection you are feeling is valid. Okay so you’ve only known him for a few weeks and it doesn’t mean you are not feeling hurt about his sudden disappearance. Texting and messaging daily has quickly become a routine and suddenly they aren’t in your life anymore and you feel very disorientated and you have no idea what to do with yourself anymore. It’s totally ok to feel hurt by it. 

    ALONE – You many feel like it’s only happening to you but it’s not just you it’s happening to. Lots of people have been ghosted, even guys themselves have been ghosted. I bet you any money that at some point or another in your life you’ve been ghosted at least once. It’s a horrible thing to have done to you.

    OPPORTUNITY – There are plenty of fish in the sea ~ Oh that famous saying that always  comes up during relationship and dating talk. Take this as an opportunity to find other great guys out there who will be lucky to have you in his life. There is a chance that if you’ve been ghosted, this person wasn’t mean to be “the one”. Being ghosted actually means you can move on and find someone who knows you are a keeper. It’s the other persons loss for leaving you. Just because he didn’t see what a catch he had doesn’t mean you are not still the beautiful, smart and wonderful person that you are despite your faults. 

    Have you ever been ghosted? What went through your mind when it happened to you? Do you have any tips for fellow ghostees?
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    What It’s Really Like To Be Ghosted

    • Ana De Jesus says:

      I have to say your blog is freaking awesome, I love how you speak out about topics like dating. anxiety and bullying. Ghosting is horrible, I should know I have been with plenty of fuckboys in my time but if it makes you feel any better, my dating stories here http://fadedspring.co.uk/dating/10-dating-terms-need-know-2017/ might cheer you up :/ In all honesty though I think we have all been capable of ghosting at times and social media makes it so easy to do so x
      Great post , Just followed you on Twitter and Bloglovin xx x

      • Shannon says:

        Awh thank you, that means a lot 🙂 It is incredibly horrible to go through, and I haven’t ghosted anyone I will simply tell them if I’m not into them or not! Fuck boys are so annoying, I’ve had my fair share of them too 🙁 Thank you, I’ll follow you back xx