• I know it’s a little late now in relation to the whole GDPR thing but I still wanted to post this. GDPR isn’t as scary as you think it is – it’s mainly just common sense. I have to deal with the new GDPR legislation with my 9-5:30 job anyway which is rather stressful and more complicated so I feel like dealing with it in my blogging is going to be a breeze – I hope! Despite it being super confusing to start with, I think most of it is really common sense and knowing what you are doing with your clients/readers data. You should already by now know not to share your readers data with anyone at random anyway as you wouldn’t like that if that was you, for example: if one of your readers wins a giveaway you are hosting, you ask them in a private message for their address for it to be posted to and not post it all over Twitter for everyone else to see and not share that address/delete it securely afterwards.


    • Cookies Disclaimer – A simple but vital step – alert your readers that Cookies are being collected via their browser for using your site/blog. Every website has one so it shouldn’t be something out of the ordinary.
    • Privacy Disclaimer – Another simple but vital step – everyone should have disclaimer policies in place on their blog by now describing exactly what they do and use their readers data for for example: giveaways, newsletters and when they comment on blog posts.
    • Personal Data Disclaimer – This links in with the point above, make sure you disclose how you use your readers personal data including: name, email address, IP address and postal address etc. Do not give any of this personal data to anyone else without the readers consent should this need to happen.
    • Unsubscribe button on newsletters/emails – Make sure your newsletters and emails have the option to Unsubscribe. If you are using third party websites such as MailChimp – this option should already be there so you are covered in that respect. Your reader should be able to unsubscribe freely should they need to.
    • Consent to be contacted – In your Contact page or form if you have one on your blog, make sure you have a tick box for your readers to apply to say they give their consent to be contacted by you using the data they have giving you.
    • Check WordPress Plugins are compliant – Normally WordPress plugins are all up to date but make sure the plugins and features you use are all compliant and up to date with the latest GDPR requirements.

    I have included a few features in my new blog design to help my readers and help keep it compliant for GDPR reasons…

    When you sign up/subscribe to my newsletters, you are asked to provide your first name and your email address in order for me to send you the emails. Your information is hosted within MailChimp who I use to create and send the newsletters through. I do not share your information with anyone and it is kept secure within my MailChimp account. You are also asked to provide your consent for me to use this information before you subscribe to my newsletter using the tickbox below the signup form.

    My privacy and disclaimer page is clearly marked at the bottom of my blog for my readers to check whenever they want to, it is updated regularly and when any changes have taken place, I also make sure that it is noted when it has been updated. My privacy and disclaimer policy includes everything you need to know from how I mark sponsored posts, how I use your information, a notice that my blog uses affiliate links using Skimlinks and everything else you will need to know.

    When you first visit my blog, my cookies notice will be shown at the bottom of the page. There is also a link labelled ‘cookies policy’ which will take you to my privacy and disclaimer policy where I also talk about cookies and how my blog uses them.

    When you want to send me a message using my contact form on the Contact page, below before you press ‘send email’ you can tick that you agree with my privacy and disclaimer policy.

    If you have any more questions on how my blog uses your data, feel free to contact me using my contact form.


    Have you checked your blog is compliant? Is GDPR still confusing you, how can I help?

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