• One of the main activities in Dubrovnik was to walk around the Walls. It was towards the end of our trip and our final group activity together so it was the perfect send off before people started to leave to journey home. We did it at the perfect time of day so it wasn’t too busy or too hot but was still hot enough to walk around the Walls.

    We had the most perfect weather throughout our time in Croatia so we had perfect photography conditions and weather to enjoy our time. The Walls are a protective stone wall which surrounds the city of Dubrovnik and have done ever since the war with Bosnia and Montenegro. This complex structure, amongst the largest and most complete in Europe, protected the freedom and safety of a “civilised” and “sophisticated” republic that flourished in peace and prosperity for some five centuries. In 1979 the old city which includes a large proportion of the old walls joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Site to protect the remaining parts of the Walls.

    Top Tip
    The best time to walk the walls is either early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

    The Walls have been perfectly preserved up to the present day. They have withheld 8 major wars including Bosnia and Montenegro’s take over.

    The entrance to the walk is by Pile Gate. You have to buy a ticket before you can enter the walk, which adult tickets cost 150 kuna. It’s best to go as early as possible to avoid the crowds and also the hottest part of the day. They open from 8am during the summer and 10am during the winter. We went quite early in the morning so it wasn’t too busy and the heat was just right but still quite warm. It’s great as you get a view of Dubrovnik from all parts of the walls and also the horizon.

    An adult ticket to walk the walls cost 150 kuna per person. And I believe a child ticket cost 50 kuna.

    The length of the walk can typically take up to 2 hours but it all depends on how quick you walk and how many times you stop to take photos etc. It took me about an hour to walk the walls as I am generally a fast walker but also stopped quite a bit to take photos, also it wasn’t that busy so I was able to get around that much faster. Make sure you keep your ticket on you at all times as they do regular checks to make sure people don’t join who haven’t purchased a ticket. I also recommend keeping a bottle of water on you as you walk especially if it’s a hot day and also keep your sunscreen topped up.

    Would you like to walk the Walls of Dubrovnik when you visit?

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