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  • 7 Ways To Feel Good & Gorgeous

    How I try to make myself better when I’m feeling low and anxious. Suffering with anxiety and very low self esteem is an absolute killer on a daily basis. You always feel shit about yourself and are always in a…

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  • Self Help Books Haul & Update

    These are a few new books added to my collection in my latest self help books haul. With #YearOfYou I have been collecting myself quite a few self help and motivational books. I have recently picked up a few more…

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  • A Crystal Haul and Review with Simply Different | Beautiful Crystals

    This is a crystal haul with a favourite crystal shop of mine! I recently did another crystal haul with my good friend Meg and her store Simply Different, she has just released a few new crystals to her store which…

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  • Tarot Card Reading | Learning The Basics

    Learning the basics of tarot card reading to find my future. With my new #YearOfYou series one of the activities I got into was Tarot Reading, you may think it’s silly but it actually helps you and can sometimes come…

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  • Self Help Books Collection

    Need a little pick me up and inspiration in life? These books are my favourite self help books for you to read. If you aren’t a regular follower of mine or you haven’t seen any of my latest tweets or…

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  • An Introduction to #YearOfYou | Improve Your Life Instantly

    I don’t know if any of you follow Marissa Lace or have heard of the #YearOfYou movement on Twitter or Instagram. This is an Introduction to #YearOfYou! It’s a new thing I have gotten into. I was wondering if anyone…

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