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  • Anxiety & Joining The Gym | Staying Strong

    I wanted to write this post on anxiety and joining the gym. And also what it’s doing for me and my anxiety. I have never really been a gym going person but since leaving school. I really wish I had…

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  • Does My Star Sign Mean Anything?

    I’ve always been interested in learning about horoscopes. And if our star signs actually mean anything. Am I really like my star sign? Does my star sign mean anything? Is there any science behind it? I have never been one…

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  • Letter To Myself: I Think I Need To Grow Up Now

    I’m turning 21 in June and I really feel like I need to grow up. And to stop letting my anxiety get in the way. I wanted to write this post as a little letter to myself to stop being…

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  • How To Feel Good In Your Own Body

    I have to admit I go through phases where I feel shit about my body quite often but there are a few things I do to help try and combat that and find ways of making myself feel good such…

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  • How To #YearOfYou While You Travel | 3 Helpful Tips

    How to keep up with your #YearOfYou whilst you travel! I decided to write up a post on how to keep up with your #YearOfYou project whilst you travel and as I’m going away next Thursday. I wanted to share…

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  • My Favourite Incense Sticks

    My favourite incense sticks to use! Since taking part in #YearOfYou I have been trying to find ways to help calm and control my anxiety. One of the things I love doing is burning scented incense sticks in my bedroom….

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