• How To #YearOfYou While You Travel | 3 Helpful Tips

    #yearofyou while you travel

    How to keep up with your #YearOfYou whilst you travel! I decided to write up a post on how to keep up with your #YearOfYou project whilst you travel and as I’m going away next Thursday.


    Turquoise – Turquoise is known as a great stone for travellers. Is known as the protector and was always given to people getting ready to go on a long journey.

    Malachite – Malachite is known for it’s powerful protection from accidents and protection for air travel. It absorbs negative energy and pollutants, has soothing properties and helps eliminate fear associated with flying. It also helps with jet lag (RESULT!!!).

    Hematite – It’s the perfect grounding stone and can help get rid of jet lag.

    Angelite – It isn’t traditionally a travel stone but it is a protection stone. It helps promote peace and helps us connect with the higher self, your intuition and psychic abilities. It protects you from harmful situations and interactions as well as negative energies or encounters.

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    Amethyst – Is another go to stone for travellers. Protects the wearer whilst travelling and against thieves supposedly.

    Howlite – Is known as a calming stone. It helps decrease stress and anxiety and even insomnia.

    Blue Lace Agate – Is a very subtle, supportive stone. It has a harmonising energy, balances emotions and natural forces. And encourages self confidence – all important components for successful and safe travel.


    I wouldn’t necessarily say there are any travel friendly self help books. I would definitely recommend downloading a few either on your Kindle. Or via the Kindle app if you don’t have a Kindle. Perfect for reading via your iPad, iPhone or Kindle. My favourite books which I have on my app are You Are A Badass, Adventures For Your Soul, Radical Self Love. The Soul Searchers Handbook and The Universe Has Your Back.

    These are some of my favourite #YearOfYou books to read. Or I will take a couple of them in hardback to read by the pool or on the beach. Another book I’m planning on taking with me is my Instant Happy Journal . Which I can fill in everyday with what I’m grateful for and what makes me happy.


    If your hotel has any yoga or meditation classes I would definitely recommend booking one and trying it out. I am planning on booking one with my Mum when we are out in Thailand to give it a go and see if we like it.

    If you have any other suggestions on #YearOfYou‘ing whilst you travel let me know in the comments below.