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    If you suffer from Rosacea like I do, here are some of my tips for caring for skin that suffers from rosacea. These are my top skincare tips and products to help you. Find out what it’s like living with Rosacea and how I care for it. These are my favourite products to use whilst trying to tackle this horrible skin condition. I know I’m not a skincare professional but I have done a small amount of research and found that these products help me with dealing with it, from trying to treat it to hiding it and prepping my skin for my makeup.

    “Caring for skin with Rosacea isn’t easy – you’ve got to keep working at it.”


    Rosacea is a common but poorly understood long-term skin condition which mainly affects the face. By saying it’s poorly understood means that most people misdiagnose the condition thinking it’s something else but it’s not. Symptoms often begin with episodes of flushing (where the skin turns red for a short period). But other symptoms can develop as the condition progresses, such as burning and stinging sensations, permanent redness, spots and small blood vessels in the skin becoming visible. Rosacea is a relapsing condition, which means there are good and bad periods.

    Many symptoms of rosacea can be controlled to a degree with treatment. But the changes to your physical appearance may occur as a result of the condition. Which can still have a significant psychological and social impact. Affecting how you feel about yourself and how you interact with others. It can definitely affect your self confidence and the way you feel about yourself. Giving you low self confidence and making you see it as a flaw.There have been a few ways that I have learned to control. And deal with it over the few years I’ve had it. I had a little bit of facial redness in my skin when I was younger especially around the nose. Which was more like a rash. And I went through so many doctors appointments and creams to help treat it.

    As I grew older and more into the puberty stage. The redness in my skin worsened and seemed to be more all over my face. Without knowing what the problem was, I took to the internet and researched what it could be. Turns out it was Rosacea! I looked up so many ways to treat it and cope with it. And finally put that info to good use.


    LUSH Angels on Bare Skin Cleansing Scrub

    Getting down into the skincare products that work like a miracle. I turned to LUSH’s Angels on Bare Skin cleansing scrub as it cleanses deep into the skin. As well as exfoliating and getting rid of dead skin and making your skin feel really soft and smooth. With it’s natural ingredients that are specially formulated to gently cleanse. And care for your skin and balance out your complexion.

    Argan Organics Anti Redness + Rosacea Cream

    This is essentially the newest find for me as I desperately needed something to help fix it. I found soooo many creams that were priced super expensively so I opted for this cheaper version in hoping it will still help me. I have used it for about 3 days religiously and I can already see a difference in my rosacea calming down and improving with just my acne redness still visible. With sea buckthorn, rosehip oil, black seed oil, rooibos extract and many other natural ingredients that help soothe and calm down redness and the skin. It has quite a funny smell to it and it’s an orange colour but once its massaged and blended into the skin it’s fine.

    Simple’s Kind To Skin Skincare Range

    I have always been a huge fan of Simple and their skincare products, and only till now I have been using their products religiously because they work so well with my skin especially when it’s very sensitive and when my rosacea is at it’s worse. Being filled with vitamins and skin loving ingredients, it’s guaranteed to care for your skin.

    My favourite products from their range are their face wipes, moisturiser, micellar water and toner. Using Simple’s Moisturiser with SPF ensures that my skin is always protected from harsh weather that could irritate my skin and cause my redness/rosacea to get worse.


    As well as being a huge saviour for my breakouts, using Sudocreme also helps with  my Rosacea. With it being an antiseptic healing cream it works perfectly well along with my other treatments for Rosacea by cooling down skin and reducing redness.

    Clinique Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser

    As well as using my micellar water and other cleansing products, I also use this cleanser from Clinique which is specifically tailored to redness and is very cooling and soothing on the skin which is perfect if you suffer from sensitive or rosacea skin. It’s green so it cancels out redness in the skin as well as deeply cleansing gently so there isn’t anything to irritate the skin. With probiotic technology and being 100% fragrance free it’s guaranteed not to cause more redness or sensitivity.

    KIKO Colour Correcting Primer

    As well as caring for my skin I also need to prep it for putting on my makeup. I try my best to use makeup that isn’t going to irritate my sensitive skin and cause the redness to get worse – by using products with mainly natural ingredients and of course making sure they are alcohol and fragrance free!

    So before I apply my makeup I always wearing quite a few primers to prep my skin. After moisturising, I apply my regular makeup primer and then on top of that I apply KIKO’s colour correcting primer for redness which of course is green to help balance out the redness. It’s a moisturising primer so it’s okay to use if you have dry, itchy skin. It’s easy to blend in and masks the redness quite well.

    Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette

    As well as using my KIKO primer I also top it off with my Makeup Revolution correcting palette and using the green shade in this which I have nearly used up as I need so much to cover up the redness in my skin. I mainly use this over my breakouts and areas which are most red and need more masking before I apply my makeup. It’s really easy to blend and is very highly pigmented for it to give me that extra bit of coverage.


    Coping with Rosacea is very frustrating. It really affects the way you see yourself and your self confidence. I have low self confidence anyway so having this on top really doesn’t help me. Stressing about it can sometimes cause more problems than solutions which isn’t good when you want to get rid of the problem. There are those really lucky girls who are blessed with really clear and flawless skin who have no idea what it’s like to have skin like this.
    Then there’s girls like me who are unfortunate and are given the horrible skin to deal with. It really does make you feel like crap trying to deal with skin like this. And on top of trying to deal with this problem with my skin I have a million more problems to deal with at the same time which isn’t helpful.
    Spending countless hours researching ways to help you cure and cope with problems like this really does get exhausting. I don’t know if there is exactly special ways of coping with it but you just need to remind yourself that it will go away eventually and there are things you can do to get rid of it, especially the last resort being surgery if it’s really bad but there are plenty of skincare products to help you keep it under wraps when it’s misbehaving. Just try to stay calm and not stress, because stressing will cause it to become worse and more noticeable.
    Do you have any tips for with dealing with rosacea? Do you have any problems with your skin that need special attention?