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    a crystal haul

    This is a crystal haul with a favourite crystal shop of mine! I recently did another crystal haul with my good friend Meg and her store Simply Different, she has just released a few new crystals to her store which I just had to grab before they sold out. They are little baby ones and all at a reasonable price.

    A crystal haul with Simply Different 

    I first picked up a ‘Soul Sisters’ friendship necklace set for me and my best friend Rachael who lives in Scotland who is literally my soul sister and we are always sharing crystal and #YearOfYou goodness with each other. I will post the necklace to her soon so we can have one each.

    The crystals I picked up are:Blue Lace Agate Crystal, a Medium Desert Rose Crystal,Rhodochrosite Crystal and a raw Kyanite Crystal. After I placed my order, Meg sent me an email to say that her website had overcharged me for postage in which she refunded me and sent me a few extra goodies which were an extra crystal of all the ones I had ordered apart from the Kyanite which was really sweet of her.

    She had wrapped each crystal up really well in bubble wrap and pretty tissue paper and then in really cute drawstring bags and paper bags sealed with a ‘Thank You’ sticker, she had also included some free sage sticks for me to burn and cleanse my crystals with as well as an instruction card and her business card.

    Blue Lace Agate Crystal £1.00
    Desert Rose Medium Crystal £2.50
    Rhodochrosite Crystal £2.50
    Raw Kyanite Crystal £7.50
    Soul Sisters Duo Necklaces £6.00
    Have you purchased any crystals recently? Which one is your favourite?