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  • The Rebrand Of shanylou: A New Look 2.0 | With Miel Cafe Design

    What is this? A picture of me making it into a blog post? What has become of me? I don’t normally like my photo being taken unless I feel confident in myself. I’m hoping to make a change and start…

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  • ways to start a blog

    5 Ways To Start A Blog & Appeal To Your Readers

    Now I know my blog isn’t huge like some people in the community. But I’d like to think my blog is a nice place to visit. I don’t have an amazing following or traffic but I’m looking into working on…

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  • guide to crystals

    The Ultimate Guide To Crystals

    I’d originally written lots of separate posts on the crystals I had bought. But I wanted to compile them all together. I’d decided to make one big post on all the crystals I own for those starting out on buying…

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  • 8 Tips On How To Pack Your Liquids Efficiently For A Flight

    Are you confused as to how to pack your liquids? This is my guide to help you know how to pack your liquids for both short and long haul flights. This includes my learnt tips from experience to help you…

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  • The Ethical & Natural Guide To Feel Unique

    We all know that I love Feel Unique a little too much! I wanted to write a post on my favourite ethical and natural brands. Especially ones that I definitely think you should be using to be more ethically friendly….

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  • Becoming More Eco Friendly & Using Less Waste

    Recently I have taken on the challenge for myself to become more eco friendly. It’s become a passion of mine to reduce the waste I use and help look after our planet. If you are looking at becoming more eco…

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