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  • The Rebrand of shanylou: Designing My Blog Logo | With Miel Cafe Design

    It probably won’t seem like much to some bloggers. But I am so happy to have a rebrand and designing my blog logo. And actually smooth out some of the kinks and fit together the missing pieces. After migrating my…

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  • 4 Things I’m Fed Up Of In The Dating World

    I’ve been in the dating world for well over a year now, after being single for 4 years – 4 years too long if you ask me. I’m getting fed up of being lonely and I just want that bit…

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  • The Ultimate Cruelty Free Starter Guide

    This ultimate cruelty free guide is filled with lots of helpful apps, blogs and websites for those who are turning cruelty free. When I was turning completely cruelty free I knew just how hard it was to find apps and…

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  • How To Feel Good In Your Own Body

    I have to admit I go through phases where I feel shit about my body quite often but there are a few things I do to help try and combat that and find ways of making myself feel good such…

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  • Blogging Stationery Haul with PaperChicCo and Typo

    I’ve just placed this rather large blogging stationery haul with two favourite shops Typo and PaperChicCo which I have recently fallen in love with. The idea behind this haul was to buy matching or coordinating stationery for my desk and…

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  • 5 Ways To Live With An Anxious Person (By An Anxious Person)

    I took a little inspiration from InTheFrow’s post 3 Ways To Live With A Workaholic (By A Workaholic). But I wanted to tweak it slightly into ways of living with someone who has anxiety. Written by someone who themselves suffers…

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