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  • When You Are Trying To Be Positive But Just Having A Terrible Week

    TRYING TO BE POSITIVE BUT HAVING A SHIT WEEK Trying to be positive but find it hard when you are having a shit week? Are you ever in that predicament when you really want to stay positive but just find…

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  • Nothing But Thieves @ Brixton Academy 2016

    Another amazing night seeing my favourite band in Brixton. You probably think ‘how many times can this girl see the same band?!’ but honestly I never get tired of seeing my favourite band in like forever. I never get tired…

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  • The Joys Of Online Dating

    The absolute joys of online dating (sarcasm) and the people you come across. If you’ve ever delved into the world of online dating you probably would have come across some. If not all of these – the things we come…

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  • Shopping An Independent Christmas | Haul With NotOnTheHighStreet

    Now you are probably thinking what the hell does she mean. Shopping an independent christmas?! But what I actually mean by it is shopping with independent shops rather than shopping in the big high street and department stores and actually…

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  • 7 Ways To Feel Good & Gorgeous

    How I try to make myself better when I’m feeling low and anxious. Suffering with anxiety and very low self esteem is an absolute killer on a daily basis. You always feel shit about yourself and are always in a…

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  • 3 Books Perfect For Helping You Understand The Male Mind

    If you have trouble understanding the male mind, read these books! If you are after some serious relationship advice or need help understanding the male mind and how it works. Then I definitely recommend checking out these books. I am…

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