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  • Anxiety vs Dating

    The ever ongoing battle of living with anxiety and trying to date. If you like me suffer from anxiety, then you will know all too well about the difficulties of everyday life let alone your dating life as well. Here…

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  • Stationery Haul with Typo | Picking Up Some Awesome Pieces

    A little stationery haul with Typo, an awesome stationery brand based in London. I rarely do stationary hauls. But when I do I always make sure I buy things that I will get the use out of. So I picked…

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  • Lusting Over The Ted Baker Christmas Range 2016

    This post contains affiliate links. Read my Privacy Policy for more information. Heart eye emojis all over the place, I just can’t get enough! This is the Ted Baker Christmas range 2016 – you should definitely check it out. If…

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  • What It’s Really Like To Be Ghosted | It’s Literally Hell

    WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE GHOSTED  Have you ever been ghosted? Do you know what being ghosted means? A recent term used in relationships and dating that sometimes leaves people confused and puzzled. Do you know what it means? Has it…

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  • perfumes for winter 2019

    Cruelty Free Perfumes Perfect For Autumn & Winter

    This post contains affiliate links. Read more in my Privacy Policy. My top cruelty free perfumes perfect for autumn & winter. Since turning cruelty free I’ve been shopping around trying to find some nice fragrances. If you have any favourites, let…

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  • Self Help Books Haul & Update

    These are a few new books added to my collection in my latest self help books haul. With #YearOfYou I have been collecting myself quite a few self help and motivational books. I have recently picked up a few more…

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