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  • The Rebrand Of shanylou: A New Look 2.0 | With Miel Cafe Design

    What is this? A picture of me making it into a blog post? What has become of me? I don’t normally like my photo being taken unless I feel confident in myself. I’m hoping to make a change and start…

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  • The Rebrand Of shanylou: A New Look | With Miel Cafe Design

    She’s back with a new look! I am so excited to reveal to you guys my blogs brand new look. I have been working with my lovely friend Giada who I’ve been working with over the last month or so…

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  • The Rebrand Of shanylou: My Blog Business Cards | With Miel Cafe Design

    My blog business card rebrand actually took place quite a few months ago. And I’ve only just got to writing up the blog post all about the process now, how terrible is that? ahah! Anyway, it’s better late than never…

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  • The Rebrand of shanylou: Designing My Blog Logo | With Miel Cafe Design

    It probably won’t seem like much to some bloggers. But I am so happy to have a rebrand and designing my blog logo. And actually smooth out some of the kinks and fit together the missing pieces. After migrating my…

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