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  • Our Cute Apartment In Brussels

    Take a little look into our cute apartment in Brussels. We had a really cute apartment in Brussels called Apartment Stephanie which was hosted by AirBnB. The apartment is in the Saint-Gilles area of Brussels near the Hôtel des Monnaies/Munthof…

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  • 11 Laws & Rules You Need To Know For Singapore

    One thing that shocked me the most about the city despite loving it so much was their unusual and crazy laws in Singapore. I have to admit I understand one side of the rules that they have but on the…

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  • How To Pack Cameras Into Your Hand Luggage Efficiently

    I wanted to write about how to pack your hand luggage case, especially for camera equipment. You know you are packing your hand luggage as a travel blogger when your whole hand luggage case is filled with camera, camera equipment,…

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  • Staying In A Luxurious Suite In Singapore | Sofitel Singapore City Centre

    Our few days in Singapore didn’t really go to plan to start with as our accommodation really let us down. Until we found this luxurious suite in Singapore centre. With our first booked accommodation being booked via AirBnB, as soon…

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  • Unseen Photos From Vietnam

    I have so many unseen photos from Vietnam that I thought I would put together a little selection of photos from my time in there that haven’t been seen in blog posts yet or shared on socials yet just. They…

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  • Getting Around Singapore With A Handy Smartphone

    When we arrived at our hotel in Singapore, amongst all the amazing features our suite had one of them was a smartphone perched on a docking station. This is my guide to getting around Singapore easily using such a handy…

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