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  • Hiring A Car In Iceland & Things You Need To Know

    If you are planning your trip to Iceland it would be best to think about what you are planning on doing. If you are just going to be staying in one place lets say in Reykjavik for instance you wouldn’t…

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  • We Need To Save The Arctic And Icebergs

    It’s been brought to my attention recently that the Arctic is suffering from climate change. This is why we need to save the icebergs. Also when I visited Iceland to see the glacier lagoon and also their glacial tongues, we…

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  • Travelling Icelands Southern Ring Road

    Iceland’s Ring Road circles the whole of the island throughout the North and South of Iceland and there are many sightseeing spots along the way. It can take up to an entire week to travel the Ring Road in good…

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  • 7 Reasons Why I Love Iceland

    I am still reeling from my breathtaking trip to Iceland and I just can’t seem to get enough of it. So much so I’m contemplating whether I should move out there and live there for a bit! You can only…

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  • Staying In The Stakkholt Reykjavik Apartments

    I wanted to write a little review of the apartment we stayed in whilst in Reykjavik in Iceland. It was such a lovely clean apartment which was really modern. My Dad and I did a little bit of research into places…

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  • 6 Places To Eat In Iceland

    A lot of people say how expensive Iceland is. But there are affordable places around that you can eat in to get a real quality meal and there are plenty of multi-cuisines restaurants and cafes around too. Here is my…

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