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    There are many ways to get around using the public transport in Singapore and it’s so cheap to use. Some we have used and some we haven’t but we have seen other people using them to get around. Singapore is quite a small country but feels like a very big city – it’s also very modern so there are plenty of ways to get around whether you enjoy walking around or catching a taxi.


    get around in singapore

    The main form of transport we used were the trains. A little confusing at first to get used to to make sure you have the right platform but once you know how to get around it’s so much easier. All of the trains are air-conditioned, super clean and really spacious so you don’t feel cramped together like sardines like you do on London’s underground.

    Thankfully we haven’t used it during it’s busiest times so we don’t know what that would be like but I’m sure it does get very busy on some days. 3 single tickets cost S$5.40, so about $1.80 per person – which is an amazing price compared to train tickets back in the UK.

    You can use your ticket up to 6 times within the 30 day timescale and once you’ve used it a 6th time you get 10¢ discount (doesn’t sound like much but every little helps, right?) You can use the interactive map here to plan your journey and get to know the stations.


    Taxis are great if you have suitcases and masses of luggage to carry around, so if you need a lift to the airport or to your hotel from the airport then taxis are a great way of getting to places. Every taxi is metered so you don’t have to worry about the driver making up a price to scam you.

    They can either take cash or credit card. This is a genius way if you don’t have cash on you to start with. From the airport into the city by taxi can range from S$20 – S$30. It doesn’t take long either, our taxis to and from the airport took no more than 30 minutes.

    I will get into the crazy rules that Singapore has fully in another post. But one you should know is that it is illegal to jaywalk. If you don’t know what jaywalking is it’s when you cross the road not at a proper intersection or crossing.

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    If you don’t mind walking around the city and/or looking to save some money. Walking is a great way of getting around the city whilst taking in some of the sights around you. We did walk quite a bit to get to certain places and to also explore some of the city.

    If you have a map or phone it’s so easy to get around using your map. The streets and roads are laid out a bit like they are in America. It can take some getting used to if you’ve not been to America before. Everything in the city is closer than you think.


    A great way of getting around without using any fuels to get around is to cycle. It’s also another great way of getting some exercise in! You can either hire these at an excursion booth or if your hotel has it’s own selection of bikes they could can use them from there.  Bicycle rental can range from S$20 – S$60 for a day. You can also rent per hour. The best places to rent a bicycle from are: The Bicycle Hut, Hello, Bicycle!, Lifestyle Bike & Skate and Biking Singapore


    There are plenty of buses to use to get around the city which can include either the public bus or the hop on-hop off city tour bus which is a great way of getting around and also seeing the city whilst getting some history and information in as well.

    An adults day ticket for the hop on-hop off city tour bus is about S$24.90. An adults ticket on the public bus can range from S$1 – S$2.10 depending on your destination. It’s very cheap to use the bus and very easy as there are plenty of bus stops around. 


    I saw quite a lot of people using electric scooters which is another awesome and nippy way of getting around. A great mode of transport especially if you are a family with children old enough to ride an electric scooter as they are so fun to use.

    A days rental can range from anything to S$87 – S$95. You can also hire electric bike/scooters or hoverboards too! The best places to rent an electric scooter are: City Scoot, Klook, goScoot and JoyScoot.

    There are also plenty of other ways to get around the city including rickshaw, boats (this can either include guided boat trips or ferry) etc. For information about getting around in Singapore, be sure to go to the Visit Singapore website and head to ‘Getting Around’.


    What mode of transport do you prefer to use whilst travelling?

    Happy travels,

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