• essentials for hiking

    Ever wonder what you would need to take with you if you went hiking? I admit I’m not a hiking expert but I’ve been on two pretty huge hikes this year. And I wanted to share a few tips I’ve picked up from my experiences.

    You’ve gotta keep your little bean warm especially in the harsh weather that The Lakes throws at you. I’m so glad I wrapped up very warmly whilst hiking otherwise I definitely would’ve regretted it big time. I wore my warmest gym leggings and my long sleeved sports top, also my fleece and waterproof combo jacket from Karrimor. I purchased this gorgeous beanie hat from a cute shop in the Lake District called Herby Jacks and I’m so glad I did because it kept my head and ears warm from the harsh winds.

    Nothing better than a pair of comfy hiking shoes that won’t give your feet blisters or hurt after walking. I highly recommend investing in a quality pair of hiking shoes that are both comfy and also waterproof especially for when it rains or if you accidentally step in a puddle like I did many of times – these are my favourites.

    I find having more small and easy to eat snacks rather than having something very awkward a whole lot easier. You also want to pick foods that will give you plenty of energy and also plenty of drink for throughout your walk. It also makes your bag a lot lighter and not having lots of heavy things weighing your bag down.

    Never ever wear denim! There will be nothing worse than heavy, uncomfortable and sore legs from wearing denim. Always wear comfortable clothing that will see you through the hike and the harsh weathers that will come your way.

    Don’t risk losing your phone battery as you never know when you might need it for taking those all important landscape shots or using a compass app to navigate yourself. Make sure you bring a portable charger in your bag to make sure your phone has enough juice!


    Have you been hiking before? What’s your hiking essential to pack?