• What I’m Packing For Cambodia & Vietnam

    packing for cambodia

    I know it’s a little late now but I wanted to post this anyway. It was before I travelled to Iceland that I wrote a blog post on Packing Guide For Iceland filled with all the clothes and accessories I’m taking with me so I thought I would create another one on what I’m packing and taking with me to Cambodia & Vietnam. I love writing about different products and showing people what I am taking with me on my travels.


    So I hope you find this helpful. Also how gorgeous is my brand new suitcase which was a huge investment for me but I wanted a nice suitcase that was all my own instead of using the family ones all the time – of course I opted for one with four spinning wheels which are so much easier to push around airports. This is what I’m packing for Cambodia!

    I picked up quite a lot of different items from different shops ranging from clothing to cosmetics. So you’ll find everything below in my SHOP THIS POST shopable widget. If you’d like to pick up anything you like the look of, you can buy it directly.



    What are your favourite things to pack for your holidays?