• iceland packing list

    As it’s my first time travelling to Iceland. I really wanted to create a really easy Iceland packing list and guide for those travelling there during their summer. I’m still going with warm-ish clothes but bringing a lot of layers with me for when it gets cold.  We are only travelling light as we are taking 1 suitcase between 4 of us and going for 5 days. To get the most out of the clothes I’m bringing with me.



    I first purchased my snow boots as I knew they would be the hardest thing to get hold of. Especially being out of season for winter clothing. So I searched the internet high and low for the best shoes. Best price and especially in my size (I’m a size womens UK 9 which is an absolute pain to buy for!) Luckily Sorel came to my rescue, the were without a doubt the only brand that did the shoes I wanted in my size.

    I took some inspiration from other bloggers who have travelled to Iceland and recommended Sorel shoes as the best. I went for the Sorel Caribou Snow Boots in Black as I knew they would go with anything that I wore, they come with a removable fur lining on the inside depending on how much warmth you’d need on your feed and also all the material is waterproof which is another feature I wanted in the shoes I got, they also have great grips on the bottom for when we are hiking and visiting waterfalls.


    Then I purchased my outerwear as I also knew it would be hard to get hold of, and searched multiple websites from Roxy to Mountain Warehouse and Roxy finally came to my rescue. I got their Jet Ski Jacket in this pretty black and white with pops of colour jacket which has lots of pockets and a faux fur lining around the hood. (Of course it has to be faux fur).

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    I then picked up their Dipsy Hoodie in Grey for a more casual outfit if I wore it with my skinny jeans to wear during the day, it’s also snug fitted so it keeps the wind out and acts like a wind break. I also picked up a pair of their Pilot Of Storm Fingerless Gloves and then their Tonic Cuff Beanie in black and white and also their Liner Snow Gloves which are a lot thinner than the woolen gloves but are perfect for daily wear if it gets cold.


    Then I made an order with Dorothy Perkins for some everyday wear, I picked up my favourite black skinnies which are their Bailey Super Skinny Stretch Jeans and also some dark navy skinnies which are their Baily High Waisted Super Skinny Stretch Jeans. I then picked up some more casual tops their Only Stripe Jumper Top with bell sleeves in both navy and ivory & then ivory and navy for when it’s warm-ish and then I picked up a few different jumpers for when it’s slightly colder and more windy, I picked up their Ivory Tie Sleeve Jumper, Navy and Ivory Stripe Jumper with pink bands around the neckline and sleeves and their Block Stripe Jumper.

    I will keep you updated on anything else I bring to Iceland!


    – Thermals
    – Gloves
    – Hat
    – Scarf
    – Thick Trousers (Jeans)
    – Jumpers/Jumper Tops
    – Thick Coat
    – Waterproof Snow Boots with Grips
    – Thick Socks



    Images used in this post are credit to Pexel.

    What would you pack for Iceland? Has my Iceland packing list and guide helped you?