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    This is my second edition of my Met Gala Fashion series, featuring my favourite queens from 2019. Here is this years theme and creations from the hottest celebrities and musicians. This is my Queens From The Met Gala 2019 review. Now I was a little confused with this years theme of Camp: Notes on Fashion and where it stood with creating a look for the night.

    Was it trying to create a look that was as camp as possible? Be exuberant? Lots of glitter and crazy patterns? Then, I think I got it in the end. I have picked out my favourite looks from the night from my favourite celebrities who I think killed it.

    Met Gala fashion is truly one of a kind…


    Now you probably already know my love for Rosie. Who couldn’t love this goddess? I love her soft pink dress with the halter neck. The feather boa design around the arms and down the back of the dress at that hint of campiness whilst stilling looking glamorous and elegant like Rosie always does. Her makeup is soft and natural with a rosy pink lipstick.

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    Saoirse’s dress is really interesting. It’s giving me vibes of a Chinese warrior especially with the design on the shoulders and gold embellishing. Her hair is curled and left down which is definitely a more natural look for the theme. Her makeup is also quite simple with a gold smokey eye look and a rosy lipstick.

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    Emma Roberts has been an actress I have loved for many years ranging from her roles in A Hotel For Dogs to American Horror Story. Now her look is giving me floral fairy vibes. The gorgeous ruffle candyfloss dress, to her adorable flower dangling earrings. Her makeup is a bronzed glowy foundation with soft pink eyeshadow and matching lipstick. Emma’s brows are filled in to perfection and she is wearing a full mascara to make her eyelashes thicker.

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    Lily’s look choice was interesting opting to recreate Priscilla Presley’s iconic wedding look. Lily wore a ruffled white gown trailed by a floor-sweeping train, with her dark tresses sculpted into a teased-to-the-heavens bouffant with waist-grazing extensions. She channeled Priscilla Presley with her wedding day look on her marriage to Elvis Presley. Collins fastened on a puffy white headband and spangled her voluminous crown with delicate florals in lieu of a veil. And then there was her retro eye makeup, which saw her recreating Presley’s graphic matrimonial gaze with heavy feline liner, fluttery faux lashes, and swathes of pastel pigment on the lids. She opted for a soft lavender shadow that popped against her glossy pale lips.

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    Emma’s look was a little more relaxed than the others wearing a sequin embellished jumpsuit and simple gold heels. Her hair was curled and pushed to one side to show off one of her earrings. The makeup Emma was wearing was natural with a berry red lip and silver liquid eyeliner to match her playsuit. Emma’s oversized jumpsuit is tailored to her slim figure with an interesting asymmetric black collar. She paired it with a gold buckle belt to match her heels.

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    I have loved Sophie since her acting career started in Game Of Thrones. Her Louis Vuitton playsuit was sparkly and very interesting. Featuring a Centre Pompidou design with a very abstract colour design and over 3 million sequins. Husband Joe Jonas wore a complimenting shirt with his suit.

    Her hair and makeup interested me as well which adds to the whole look. Her hair was curled and kept away from her face with glitter hair spray holding it in place. The makeup was very soft with glowing foundation and a natural gloss lip. But the metallic blue winged eyeshadow and thick lashes added a statement to her makeup. It was completed with gem dangling earrings and a matching clutch bag to her playsuit.

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    Who are your favourite looks and celebrities from the Met Gala 2019? Let me know in the comments below.