• My Marc Jacobs Perfume Collection

    marc jacobs perfume collection

    If you love your perfumes, do you normally gravitate towards a particular scent or a certain brand? Me too! This is my Marc Jacobs perfume collection that is forever growing. I have a collection of Jo Malone perfumes which I absolutely love and also a collection of Zoella body sprays that I have as well as a collection of other perfumes as well.

    I’ve wanted to write about my little Marc Jacobs collection for a little while. I’m so in love with the perfumes I have. I have had plenty of the Marc Jacobs Daisy original perfumes in my collection. Which I don’t have any bottles of at the moment but I do have several others. Including Marc Jacobs Daisy Kiss, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever. Marc Jacobs Daisy Limited Edition, the BRAND NEW Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle and finally Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence.

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    Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Kiss

    A gorgeous hot pink version of the traditional Daisy Dream bottle but with a twist. Daisy Dream Kiss is a light and radiant fragrance with a vibrant blend of peony, cherry blossom and rose petals. Notes of sensual white wood and sandalwood round out the base. It’s a very romantic and flirty fragrance with the right amount of airy and lightness about it.

    Marc Jacobs Daisy White Limited Edition

    A gorgeous all matte white bottle with the gold accents to the lid and bottle. This fragrance is limited edition or so the bottle is but I reckon it could prove very popular. The top of the fragrance is infused with succulent wild berries and soft white violets. Leaving an irresistibly fresh and radiant scent on the skin. At the heart, velvety jasmine wraps with each note, enhancing the vibrancy of the florals. A dreamy drydown of sandalwood imparts an aura of warmth and sensuality. Creating a delicate and romantic contrast within the fragrance.

    Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle

    A brand new perfume and fragrance to the ranks of the Daisy family. And one that is growing on me everytime I spray it. It comes in this gorgeous lavender clear bottle. And gold and lavender flowers on the lid. Which stand out and make it very feminine. Daisy Twinkle is a bright and playful floral green perfume. With an uplifting bouquet of floral and fruity notes that embody the youthful energy of joyful Springtime. The fragrance opens with a juicy burst of wild berries mixed with hints of violet leaves. Whilst bright and creamy white woods create a warm and sensual scent as it dries.

    Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence

    I love the bottle design of this perfume, it looks like a handbag which is gorgeous with a snake skin print lid and a black tassel on a golden chain. Divine Decadence features seductive facets of orange blossom and bergamot confirm the impression, amplified by the arrival of white flowers in swoony profusion: virtual armfuls of gardenia, hydrangea, honeysuckle and iris.

    Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence drys down on the skin to a lavish, lingering finish, the incarnation of glamorous indulgence: luminous textures of liquid amber and sensual vanilla, suffused with exotic saffron.

    I have also had many of bottles of the traditional Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream in various sized bottles which sadly I’ve run out of now and it’s just a stunning light and fresh fragrance, so if that’s your type of thing I’d definitely recommend checking that one out as well.



    What are your favourite perfumes? Do you gravitate towards a certain brand? Do you have a Marc Jacobs perfume collection?