• What’s In My Hand Luggage To Iceland?

    hand luggage to iceland

    I’m heading to Iceland tomorrow to celebrate my 21st birthday with my family. And I couldn’t be more excited to explore and travel a country that has been on my bucket list for ages. I wanted to share with you everything I am taking with me in my hand luggage. Including some colder weather essentials and accessories.

    Everyday Bag

    I always have a small everyday bag on me in my hand luggage with the things I will need during the day including my phone, purse, the lipstick I will wear during the day, lip balm and pressed powder as well as other little bits I will need during the day. I always keep it in my hand luggage incase I need it quickly when we get out of the airport.


    Of course you need to keep your money on you at all times in case your suitcase goes missing or left behind in the airport but also so you can do lots of duty free shopping! 😉

    Passport/Boarding Pass

    You won’t get anywhere without these so always keep them in a safe place in your hand luggage where you can grab them quickly when going through security and passport control.

    Iceland Guidebook

    I won’t be taking any reading books with me on this holiday as it’s not a chill by the pool type of holiday but I’m taking my guide book on Iceland to read whilst on the plane to find some amazing places to visit and eat.


    Of course you’ll need in the air entertainment so I’m keeping my laptop, phone and iPad on me to occupy myself during the flight and also for when I’m there. I’ll be working on the blog when I’m there and keeping you guys updated whilst on my travels.

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    This girl can’t live without her music so I have to keep my headphones in my hand luggage for when I want to listen to music or watch something on my laptop.

    Travel Sickness Pills

    I unfortunately suffer from chronic travel sickness on planes and boats so I always have to keep my travel sickness pills on me and take them an hour before boarding to stop me getting sick but they do make me hella drowsy and quite often I fall asleep for a little while!

    Beanie and Gloves

    The weather is quite unpredictable at the moment in Iceland reaching temps of 12’C but could also be really cold so I’m keeping my hat and gloves on me for when we reach the other side and especially if it’s cold.

    What are your warm favourites to pack on your travels?