• Isle of Wight Festival 2015 + Travel Diary

    My second time attending my favourite festival and spending my 19th in IOW! This is my travel diary from Isle Of Wight. So it’s my second time attending Isle of Wight Festival but the line up wasn’t as good as last years however some of my favourite bands/artists were there; Fleetwood Mac, Pharrell Williams, You Me At Six, James Bay, Kodaline, Jess Glynne who unfortunately couldn’t attend due to illness but was replaced by Ella Eyre who I love also, Foxes, Sunset Sons, Coasts and Sheppard.


    We are staying in the same B&B we stayed one night in last year which was set in a really nice village, was clean and did good breakfast. But unfortunately the owners are selling the B&B and the wife was in hospital with a broken neck so we won’t be able to stay there next year if we go again. 🙁


    We left home at 4am, had to get up at 3:30am to make sure I was ready in time and had packed everything I needed to. Made a hot chocolate for the road and we set off for Southampton. We stopped off in a lay by with a Costa and McDonald’s and grabbed some breakfast as we had some time to kill before boarding at the ferry terminal.

    Boarded the ferry at 7:30am and arrived on the Isle of Wight just after 8am. We had quite a lot of time before we could check in to the B&B so we explored the area around our B&B. Dad drove to a fishing lake so we spent a couple of hours there to kill time, and then finally checked in to our room at around 1pm. Unpacked and got dressed for the festival and then headed down at 2ish.


    The line up for that day was: Ruen Brothers, James Bay, You Me At Six Sharon Corr, Kool & The Gang, The Prodigy who we would’ve seen but the weather was so shit we had to leave early. Before it down poured we grabbed dinner before the main headlining acts played, I went to an Indian stall which did burrito styled wrap and I went for a dry chicken wrap with cucumber and mint sauce and vegetables which was really nice. The down pour started which we weren’t really ready for all I had was my leavers school hoodie which isn’t waterproof and my umbrella which was slowly on it’s way out, Dad has his waterproof but was still getting soaked.

    We were watching to You Me At Six when the rain got really bad and I was in a foul mood which I didn’t want to be because I really wanted to enjoy watching them but I still loved watching them despite the weather. My umbrella was letting water in and began to rust around the top so it went straight in the bin after we got back to the B&B.

    After we watched our favourite acts on the main stage and whilst the rain was still coming down we stayed under the Big Top to watch acts and keep out of the rain whilst we got dry and tried to warm up. Walking back to the car after a long, cold and wet day we both grabbed a warm drink to warm us up. I couldn’t wait to get back to the B&B, have a nice warm shower and get into my comfy warm bed. Hopefully tomorrow and Sunday will be a much nicer day.


    In the morning, I was scrolling through my social media sites, and saw on Twitter that Jess Glynn wasn’t able to play today. As she was told by her doctor not to sing for a while. And that she would need surgery on the vocals. So Ella Eyre would be replacing her. Which is good because both me and Dad really like Ella Eyre. And she played here last year which is when we fell in love with her music but we both really wanted to see Jess Glynn too.


    Much better weather today which was great, so we got ready and headed down for breakfast which we had full english before heading to the festival. Today’s line up was: Sunset Sons, Foxes, Ella Eyre, Pharrell Williams, Blur which we didn’t like so we left the main stage early and went to the Big Top which had DJs on so we stayed and listened to them play.

    It was so hot today that I forgot to put suncream on and came back with a sunburnt nose and forehead so tomorrow I will have to remember to put on the sun cream. Today for dinner I had a hoisin duck wrap from this really nice Chinese stand which did really good food that their queue was almost miles long so I had to get there early.

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    Again today we had lovely weather, it was nice and warm which made up for Friday’s horrible downpour.


    Today’s line up was: Sheppard, Coasts, Paolo Nutini, Fleetwood Mac. For dinner I had another hoisin duck wrap as it was so yummy. And as I was on a diet it was the remotely ‘healthiest’ thing available to eat xD.


    My birthdaaaaaaayyy! Today I turned 19! OMG I feel so old ahah. My last year of teens. Woke up and had breakfast and opened one of my presents. Which was tickets for me and Dad to go to the V Festival. In Wolverhampton on the Saturday and I opened some of my cards too. We explored the island a bit more and went to a donkey sanctuary.

    Then went to see the Needles from a viewpoint. Before getting to the beach we drove through what we thought was a really cute village. Filled with thatched cottages and pretty gardens. But every ‘cottage’ turned out to be a gift shop and cheesy touristy shops.


    There was about 6 gift shops on this one street all selling the same things. So we gave up and left and headed to the beach and walked a long for a little bit. And then we went to Isle of Wight Pearl which I’ve been to the shop in Tenerife plenty of times. It’s part of the same chain and I bought a ring and bracelet treating myself for my birthday.

    We then went for our evening meal in Cowes which was at a restaurant called Coast. Which Dad had booked a table and it was really nice inside and the food was soooo yummy. I had hummus and pitta and we shared whitebait for our starter. And then I had a chicken Caesar salad for my main.


    We left for home straight after our meal and boarded the ferry en route to Southampton dock. The ferry inside was very posh – almost like a huge aeroplane. But on water with nice toilets, cafes and restaurants and aeroplane like comfy seats. W arrived at Southampton dock a little after 9pm and headed towards the motorway. But unfortunately the exit to the motorway was closed due to road works and the sat-nav had a massive fit.

    And it couldn’t find another way back onto the motorway which it kept taking us through the houses. And in massive circles back to where we were originally. Until Dad found a way back following signs to Winchester. And got onto the motorway that way. Which for a couple of miles was single file due to more road works.

    I was fed up listening to him moaning and too tired to stay up any longer. So I plugged in my headphones and fell asleep until we got back home which was gone past 1am. I opened up my presents and cards that were waiting for me on the table. Present wise I got £100 from various family members. A Birthday Cake Pandora charm from my brother. A Ted Baker makeup bag from my mum and a cinema gift card from my god family.