• 5 Things To Do In Siem Reap, Cambodia

    things to do in cambodia

    This post has been requested for me to publish first in my Cambodia content. Filled with 5 things to do in Cambodia that you really need to see. Especially in Siem Reap that you mustn’t miss. There are so many things to do across Cambodia, you better get planning your visit so you don’t miss anything.



    Angkor Wat is the main temple ruins to visit in Cambodia. And was the main home to the king of Cambodia. We did a 2 day entry for Angkor Wat and went at sunset and sunrise which we got up really early (5am). We hired our favourite little tuk tuk driver who quoted us a really good price to visit Angkor Wat. He told us about the buying the pass situation which was really helpful.

    At sunset it was great as the lighting was perfect to get some really good pictures of the main temple and the front gates. But unfortunately for us after the really early wake-up call the sunrise was a little disappointing. It was quite cloudy that morning and the sunrise wasn’t seen until much later in the day.

    Apart from that it was a great day to see Angkor Wat when it wasn’t absolutely boiling. Our tuk tuk driver also took us to 3 other popular temples to see. I will write about them more below. (pictured above: Angkor Wat at sunset)


    There are quite a few different markets spread around Siem Reap. Including the Old Town Market, Night Market and the Noon Night Market which is along Pub Street. There are so many different things to look at there. You are bound to find and pick up something you like. Although some of the stalls do sell the same thing so always haggle a good price. Especially if you find one that’s being competitive for you to buy something from them.

    things to do in cambodia


    We had a little day of exploring Siem Reap as we arrived in the afternoon we didn’t really get to explore much. And it always looks so different in the dark. So we decided to explore during the day to find someplace good to eat and drink. I admit most of the places can get quite samey. But you will always find a little gem hidden somewhere.

    I had seen someone who had visited Cambodia rave on Instagram about a coffee cafe called The Little Red Fox Espresso. Which took a little bit of exploring the streets to find but once we had finally found the way to it it was a perfect little coffee shop. You’ll find really good drinks and food and was very eco friendly which I loved.

    There they use metal straws instead of plastic ones and have lots of leaflets on being eco friendly. They also sell goods like t-shirts or a shopping bag that are ethically made. They also helping to promote anti-elephant riding in Asia which I also loved being cruelty free. My Dad also found this cool beer place called Siem Reap Brew Pub. So if you love your beer like my Dad does, check this place out because they brew their own beers.

    5 things to do in cambodia

    TEMPLE RUINS TOUR (either including 4 temples or more)

    As well as taking us to Angkor Wat, our tuk tuk driver also took us on a 3 temple ruin tour which we could choose which ones we wanted to go to. So we went to Ta Phrom which is famous for having Tomb Raider filled there and is also famous for the massive trees and the roots growing around, over and through the temple ruins which was really fascinating.

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    We also did Bayon and Preah Khan which is a little less known but was actually built by a son for his mother to show his love for her. (You can also get blessed by a monk in any of the temple ruins, you do have to give a small donation to the monks and you also get a little bit wet as he blesses you with holy water)


    Unfortunately we didn’t do the floating markets as these are very popular but I have heard lots of good things about them so if you fancy exploring the original floating markets, I highly recommend checking this out.


    What are you looking to explore if you visit Cambodia?

    Happy travels,

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